The Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan

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This is a fascinating tale of adventure and magic, which follows the story of a young male farmer, who discovers that he is the prophesied Dragon Reborn who has magical powers, that are more similar to the Force in Star Wars rather than magic.  The 11 novels in the series follows his quest to unite his lands, through diplomacy and war, so that the land will be ready to face the evil Shaitain at the final battle of Tarmon Gaidon. 

 Although the stories themselves are fascinating due to the fact that this series mixes fantasy with science, Jordan does a poor job of writing his female characters, which spend much of their time bickering and arguing over dumb things.  Each book in the 11 book series is over 700 hundred pages long, so be prepared for a reading marathon!  I have currently read all 11, and I am now waiting for the 12th book.


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