Right at Your Door-Movie Review

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Last night I watched a chilling movie called Right At Your Door, which tells the tale of a couple living in LA during a terrorist attack.  The terrorist activate a number of dirty bombs (bombs containing radioactive and viral materials), which coats the surrounding LA communities with ash containing high levels of toxins. 

The husband was home during the attack, and the wife was on her way to work.  The movie follows his desperate drive to find information out about his wife, will he barricades his home with plastic in an attempt to make it airtight from the toxic ash.  I don’t want to give away too much with the movie, but it definitely is a harrowing survival tale that seemed all to real.  My heart was pounding and I was shifting in my seat as I watched the movie unfold, with all of the revelations that came about.  This is a great movie to see, but if you get depressed easily then you may not want to see it.  The movie definitely points out the difficult choices one would have to make in a situation like this.  The movie is not gory, and their is hardly any real violence.  The R rating comes from the use of profane language.

 Grade: A


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  1. As you know Ron, I discovered this flick and hoped you would find it interesting. I’m glad that you found the flick as stimulating as I did. The twist ending is superb and unlike other movies, just mentioning that it has a twist won’t give away the twist. Wink! Wink!

    The idea of a dirty bomb is frightening, but this original plot really rocked…


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