Kameron’s Report Card

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Kameron’s report showed exceptional growth this marking period. He earned As and Bs, and is really starting to grasp concepts in reading and in math. What is really amazing, is that he is a history buff (just like the old man), and he really knows his military history. He loves watching the history channel and other programs dealing with building things.


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  1. I googled my son’s name just to see what would come up and low and behold I find this remarkable young man with the same name as my son. Good Job Kameron!

    My Kameron Porter is 14 years old and is an entering freshman in Atlanta, GA. He is also an honor student. He was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society and was president of his 8th grade class.

    It must be something about those Kamerons (with a “K”) they are destined for greatness!


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