Ropes Course Adventure

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Today the Student Assistance Team, which I am a member, journeyed to Ski Round Top for a team building and maintenance session.  Just to give you a little background on the Student Assistance Team, it is composed of guidance counselors, administrators and teachers who refer students with drug, alcohol or mental health issues to counseling services.  After dealing with a lot of student issues over the course of the year, the district sends us off to recharge our batteries and strengthen the relationships amongst the team members.

Today we took part in a ropes course, which required us to scale a 25 foot wall and climb a cargo net 35 feet in the air, which led to a swaying deck, which we used to then take a zip line back down to the ground.  You all may not realize this, but I am terrified of heights and have a strong fear of falling from great height.  Needless to say, it took prayer and a strong dose of will power to undertake those feats.  Although I always dreamed of being Spiderman, I hugged that 25 foot wall like saran wrap on a dish.  I made it to the top…barely and then had to repel down like I was on a swat team. I then took on the 35 foot tall cargo net, with initial relish because it seemed safe, but as I got higher and the angle became more steep, my prayers sprang out with rapid fire regularity.  Once I made it to the deck, with eyes big as saucers, I crawled like a baby to the center of the platform, with my colleagues giving me encouragement.  I was shocked to realize that the deck swayed slightly in the wind, which the instructor said was intentional.  I then looked around and saw how high off the ground I was, and my eyes locked to the floor.  My colleagues, Judy, Juma, Pete, Glenna and others were laughing and having a good ole time. As they each were lashed and sent off on the 300 foot long zip line, I experienced another twinge of terror as the deck began to sway and thrum with the weight of the person zipping down the line.  By this point I was ready to get down as fast as possible, and I was asking myself why I even bothered to face my fears.  When it was my turn, I crawled and then stood next to the zip line, which was 35 feet off of the ground.  I grabbed the line with a kung fudeath grip and with a deep breath and cheers from my colleagues I scooted out into space. After an initial scream as I dropped about 5 feet, I zoomed along the line at a tremendous rate of speed.  During this breath taking journey, I experienced the pleasure of the ride, the satisfaction of facing my fears, and the joy of reaching the ground. I thanked God, my friends and finished up a wonderful day! There were other activities we did, which involved team work, and obstacles, but nothing compared to the climbing.

I am just glad I had the faith and encouragement to face my fears and do something that I will now no longer have to regret not doing in the future.


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  1. Ron,

    I am awful with heights myself. However, I had to chuckle at your account of the day. I can’t wait to hear what Juma and Judy have to say about your performance.



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