Roshawn is Student of the Month for March 2008 & an Honor Roll Student!

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Roshawn said he was called down to the principal’s office the other day, and he was scared.  As far as he knew he hadn’t done anything to warrant a call down to the office.  Needless to say, Roshawn was informed that he had been selected as the Student of the Month at Central Dauphin Middle School for the month of March. He received a $15 gift card to Borders as a reward. He was very proud of his accomplishment. I am glad this happened to him because every now and then he wants to show kids how tough he is, which is something all of us males want to do at some point, and I always tell him it is not worth it in this day and age.  I use examples of the students at my school who fight over the dumbest things and get suspensions or expelled.  He also has a friend that must have been suspended at least 3 times in the past month. This just demonstrated some of my lessons to him.  People do recognize and reward others who are hardworkers and have great attitudes.

Roshawn also earned honors again, and has been recognized as a potential candidate for the National Honors Society! He is definitely excelling in areas I did not, I am proud of him.


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