Iron Man Movie Review

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The summer movie season has officially arrived! When I first heard Iron Man was being made, I was a little nervous that the producers of the film would make it more like Fantastic Four, rather than Batman Begins.  Fortunately, my fears have been put to rest.  Iron Man is awesome! Iron Man has elevated itself to become the best super hero movie of all time! It has a great story, spectacular visuals, its funny and the movie takes itself seriously.  Batman Begins was good, Spiderman 2 was good, but Iron Man is excellent!  The Incredible Hulk which comes out later this summer has some big shoes to fill.

The story revolves around Tony Stark a millionaire playboy and weapons manufacturer, who is captured in Afghanistan after a weapons demonstration. While in captivity, he is able to construct a suit of iron, which allows him to escape.  This gives him the idea to construct a more sleek and modern Iron Man suit. Once he develops the new Iron Man suit, the story really takes off. I don’t want to give too much away, but all I can say is it is a great movie.  If you are a fan of the comics, then make sure you stay after the credits end because you get a 30 second treat/preview? of a possible future film to come.  The guest actor at the end of the credits was a surprise, along with his statements.

Well next week we will be racing to the theater to see SPEED RACER!

Grade A+

Roshawn 9 out of 10

Kameron A+



  1. You sold me… I’m in line for a future viewing of this flick…

    Thanks Ron…

    Congrats to both of your boys also…



  2. Again you hit the ball over the fence. You were totally “right on about Iron Man.”
    Hug the boys for me. They are really doing the family Proud!!!



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