The Incredible Hulk Movie Review

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5 years have gone by since Marvel made their first Hulk. Now they bring us a new Incredible Hulk, which is not a sequel, but a new beginning for the Hulk franchise. Why reboot? Well the original movie Hulk was long, dull and very light on action and super villains, which is the staple of any superhero movie. Although the first Hulk was a decent film, which I somehow gave a B+ to, most people were turned off by this artistic twist on a superhero film. Marvel went back to the drawing board and drew on its roots to make this new Incredible Hulk.  The inspiration for the new Hulk came from the TV show, which aired in the late 70s.  This new Hulk is indeed incredibly better than the last one.  There is not much to say really, the new Hulk keeps the same basic storyline.  Bruce Banner the scientist turned Hulk when angry is forced to flee because the army wants to take him into custody to see what makes him tick. They make him mad often and he grows angry and transforms into the Incredible Hulk.  A super villain is added to the film, which was lacking from the original.  This villain is called the Abomination, and he is an actual character from the comic books.  In the movie he is a soldier that is given a super soldier serum and he transforms and battles against the Hulk.  This is the story in a nutshell, there is nothing overly dramatic or artsy about the Incredible Hulk, it is a down home smash fest.  The film is loaded with references to the comic book marvel universe, which is a comic book geeks dream.  People were chuckling throughout the movie at the references.  There is also a surprise guest appearance, which is a nice way for Marvel to tie its movies together.  All in all, this is a great entertaining superhero movie that delievers what it promises. Hulk smashes!

Although the film is good, there are some weaknesses in it that have led me to down grade its score some what.  Most of the weaknesses in my opinion have to do with the director and the editing process.  The film doesn’t seem to have that expensive, realistic look Iron Man has.  Iron Man was so good special effects wise that I could believed that his suit and its abilities could exist today.  The Hulk also had good special effects, but it looked like they had cheaper effects.

Regardless if you like superhero flicks, then the Incredible Hulk is for you!

Grade: B+

Roshawn: Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk get the same grade.

Kameron: Hulk smashed!

Cameron Kramer (The boys friend): The Hulk was good


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