Marques Colston of the New Orlean Saints!

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Autographed t-shirt and football from NFL PlayersUp and coming NFL great Marques Colston ( a wide receiver for the New Orlean Saints), who is a former student of mine, returned to his hometown of Harrisburg, Pa yesterday to host a charity basketball event at John Harris High School. During the day, Marques held an autograph session at Dick’s Sporting Goods along with LJ Smith of the Philadelphia Eagles, Willie Colon of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Shaine Smith of the St. Louis Rams and a few other NFL players.

I took Roshawn and Kameron to meet him and get his autograph because it is rare that you have an opportunity to meet a celebrity that you personally know. While waiting in line, Marques’s older sister Takia, who is also a former student of mine was passing out flyers for the charity basketball game. We chatted for a little bit, and when she left a group of people were questioning me about how I knew Marques. One gentleman made me laugh because he said “So you taught Marques and saw him everyday, now you have to pay to see him.” I chuckled and told him it was an opportunity for my sons to meet him.

When we finally got to Marques, Roshawn and Kameron were cool and calm and asked politely for his signature, but you could tell they just wanted to burst with excitement. Roshawn was floored that he was actually meeting Marques Colston and other NFL players. He had a football camp t-shirt signed by all of the players, and he asked me to frame it. Kameron brought his football to be signed and he was so excited that he could barely speak when he went down the line of players.

Marques ragged on me a little bit because I had the nerve to wear a Rams Jersey, and Willie Colon of the Steelers had the audacity to say he didn’t even know they made Rams jerseys anymore. Shaine Smith of the Rams appreciated my Rams loyalty and gave me the respect I deserved.

Marques and the gentlemen at the autograph session were very friendly, patient, and courteous. It was a great experience not only for me, but my sons. They are still talking about meeting the players and I can see the star crossed looks in their eyes.

Even if you are not a Saints fan, keep Marques in your prayers and pray that other players and people can see what a great role model he is.

Ron Porter


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  1. Marques was in my Trigonometry course. He was extremely shy. For some reason, he didn’t do his “Selected Topic” presentation. Even though he was intelligent and had a respectable grade in the course, I was almost forced to fail him for not doing this major project. He needed the credit to get into the the college and major he chose. He was actually interested in majoring in engineering despite his skills as a football player. However, I gave him the option of doing his project after school in front of teachers and principals. He did it. Elena was one of the teachers that day as well as Dr. Galowitz. It is hard to believe that the same quiet young man in my Trig course turned out to be such an awesome wide receiver.

    I was also impressed when he was asked about his favorite subject in high school during a television interview. He said mathematics.

    Take care…



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