Wall E Movie Review

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WALL E Movie Review


Pixar has done it again! Ever since Pixar came out with Toy Story in 1995, I have been enthralled with their films. Not only does Pixar create beautiful computer generated movies, but their stories are always emotionally moving.  As a matter of fact, I am more impressed with Pixar’s storytelling ability, rather than how good their films look.  The same is true for their newest adventure WALL E.


Wall E is really a cautionary tale to Americans and humans alike about the danger of a super sizing society.  In the film, Earth has become so overburden with garbage due to the super size culture, which is controlled by a corporate government called B-n-L (Buy n Large) that the people of Earth have to flee the planet and live in spaceships, where all of their needs are taken care of by robots. WALL E, which stands for (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth) is a robot that has been assigned the duty of cleaning up the planet Earth and making it livable for humans once again.  As Wall E goes about his cleaning duties, you can see that the little robot has developed a self awareness and tries to preserve aspects of human society.  The story starts to pick up when a probe from the human colony ship lands on Earth to see if it is livable once again.  The probe, which is called Eve, is also sentient and strikes up a relationship with Wall E.  When Wall E shows Eva a single plant that has been discovered, all HE (double hockey sticks) breaks out as they run into obstacles trying to get the plant to the captain of the human colony ship.


This film is a blatant attack on consumerism, Walmart and other big conglomerate businesses that do business in the United States and the world, but it also attacks the people who keep these businesses in operation.  When you see the denizens of the human colony ship, you can’t help but laugh nervously because the reality is we are on our way there.  Wall E is not only a beautiful love story, but it is an eye opening tale of what can happen to our planet if we don’t take care of it.  I have to admit, the movie moved me so much that I got a little misty eyed towards the end.


Although this is a film marketed for kids, adults will enjoy the satire and adult themes that Pixar has placed in the movie.  I am sure Green Peace and other environmental groups will be using this movie as a way to gain new membership.  Don’t be surprised to see Al Gore wearing a Wall E shirt.  Although this is a movie that supports going Green, it doesn’t brow beat you with it.  Everyone should see Wall E!


Grade: A++


Kameron: A++


Roshawn: Didn’t wish to see the film. He is a teenager after all.



  1. Well I chaperoned Josh’s swim team for an afternoon viewing of Wall E… I also noticed that the movie averaged an A- from all of the critics.

    Okay; once the robots entered space, I was mystified by how boring the movie became. In addition, I equate the film’s annoying factor to that of dragging finger nails over a chalkboard for hours upon hours. I actually finally got to escape the dull drab movie when I fell fast asleep.

    Now I know this says something about my character, but I hated the movie despite its positive message…

    I didn’t want to comment on your Blog originally but you gave me permission once you mentioned that my flaws in judgment were due to me being a Republican (lol). I am actually quite happy about what the movies says about excess trash and human waste due to indulgence and commercialism though. I must tell you that it was one of my worst movie experiences so far this summer. At least I laughed during “The Happening”.

    I have to give the movie the following grade: D

    I’m worried because it seems that I’m getting harder and harder to entertain. I’m also getting more and more frustrated by the lack of creativity in the world. Wall E was creative. It just didn’t work for me. But “The Happening” and “Indiana Jones” have me so disappointed and angry about the movie going experience in general. One of my favorite joys in life is seeing a great movie. So will somebody please make one!!!!

    I saw some other awful movies on DVD:

    Vantage Point (started off great and ended so awful because the plot ended up being destroyed by a total lack of intelligence from the movie producers, writers and the hapless director)

    Jumper (great premise but the producers ruined the story by going off on some bizarre incoherent direction– You mean to tell me that they couldn’t have thought of a better plot line with such an awesome idea as jumping through space?????)

    The Ruins (I loved the book but the movie (although not awful) lacked the fright factor I need in a horror movie. I’m sorry but I could outrun plants even if they were guarded by gun hording Mexicans. Couldn’t you? Ugggghhhh…)

    10,000 BC (I didn’t even give it 10,000 milliseconds before turning it off. Awful…)

    At least I’m having fun every time I’m around plants. I shake them and scream: “The Happening is happening!” and then I run away in fear. It makes my sons’ laugh out load even though they never saw the horrible flick…

    I’m holding out hope for “Batman”… Please let it be good!!!!!!!



  2. WALL_E

    Not as good as we all expected the movie to be, I took my two daughters & my son to see Wall-E and we all thought it was pretty boring, it got the odd giggle from the girls but certainly not enough to grip them, unlike Nemo which has been watched over and over again, Wall-E I doubt I will buy on DVD
    out of 10 we gave it 3/10 :o(


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