Hancock Movie Review

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Hancock is Will Smith’s latest July 4th movie release.  The film is about a hero (actually, an anti-hero) who is a drunk, mean, SOB.  He has a foul mouth, he destroys tremendous amounts of real estate when apprehending criminals, and he has a very bad attitude. Superman…Hancock is not.  Now Hancock is a super strong gentleman that helps the city fight crime with a bottle of alcohol always clenched in his fist. Because of his bad behavior and drinking problem, the people of the city hate his guts.  The city police issued numerous warrants for Hancock’s arrest, but of course he just ignores the warrants and the police because they can’t do anything to him.  Hancock is so horrible that the city government asks Hancock to leave the city.  Hancock of course ignores the pleas of the government and continues to dispense inebriated justice at his leisure. Hancock’s fortune begins to change when he rescues a public relations marketer, who wants to return the favor of saving him by helping Hancock reform his image from a gritty disrespectful vigilante to a bona fide superhero.  This is where the adventure begins to get even more interesting as Hancock serves jail time and begins his metamorphosis to become a true superhero.  On top of this, you have your villains (who are not your typical villains you would expect in a superhero movie) and a unique take on a superhero weakness, which I will not get into.


With all of this, Hancock turns out to be a decent superhero movie that is nowhere near the level of Spiderman, Iron Man, Batman or the X-Men, but it is a worthy effort that puts the Fantastic Four movies to shame.


So why do the critics and some people hate Hancock? It’s all about the movie promotion. When they were marketing Hancock, it was marketed as a comedy, but this film is not really a comedy at all. As a matter of fact, I was wondering if this movie was rated R because there was a lot of cursing in the film. On top of that, Hancock is a jerk, and not very likeable. There was a building theme in the middle, which I won’t go into that was really upsetting to me because it was bordering on adultery, which I thought would be horrible to have in a superhero movie, but it was adequately explained. In essence, people hate the film because the marketers didn’t know how to truly promote it.  Comedy, Action flick, Drama? Who knows? I can see the challenge the marketers faced. Either way, Hancock is a decent summer film.


Grade: B


Kameron “The movie was a BEAST! (Slang for Good)


Roshawn: B “The movie didn’t give enough detail about Hancock’s background”


Paul: (My Brother) I believe he said the film was “Decent and Interesting”


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