What am I reading? Tony Dungy’s Autobiography: Quiet Strength

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I have always rooted for Tony Dungy because he was a successful African American assistant coach in the NFL who wasn’t getting any opportunities to be a head coach. I think a part of that was his seemingly quiet and reserved persona, which goes against the stereotypes of a NFL head coach, but some of it probably had to do with the good ol’ boys network. Once his opportunity came in the form of being hired to lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he showed the world what he was capable of.  Now as the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, he has finally reached the apex of the NFL dream by winning a super bowl.

Now I knew Dungy seemed to be a good guy and coach, but I didn’t realize how steeped in Christianity he was until I read his autobiography.  I was awestruck on how his entire coaching philosophy centered around Christ and ministering to others.  Despite his quiet demeanor and low voice, a passion burns inside of him that makes it easy to see how these titans of manhood follow him into battle on the football field.  With his words and philosophy, Dungy can inspire and motivate players and non players alike to excel and strive to become better than what they were.  In his book he gives great insight about his faith, family and experiences both positive and negative that have led him on his journey to become a follower of Christ and a witness to others by using his position as coach as his platform.

I truly respect and admire this man. His book his a good read, and the pages will just fly by.  I openly admit that I am not a fan of biographies, but Dungy’s book had me eagerly looking forward to upcoming and coming chapters to see what he was going to say or experience next.  I hated to put the book down, and even now as I near the end of the book, I feel as if I am leaving a friend.

If you want to read a powerful book, that focuses on faith, family and the NFL life, then pick up Tony Dungy’s autobiography Quiet Strength!

Grade: A+



  1. Hello Mr. Porter, I have decided to leave you a message. Well, since you are in the process of reading a book that will interest you, I have a book that I believe you will enjoy. The book is about three successful African American Doctors who grew up in Newark, NJ, and who decided to make a pact to become doctors. The book inspired me. In fact the book inspired me to the extent in which I wrote to the authors. If indeed you are not interested in the book, your wife and or children might be interested or perhaps your students. God Bless


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