X-Files: I Want to Believe!

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I really wanted to believe in this new X-Files movie, but unfortunately the story doesn’t live up to the X-Files standards of mystery, suspense, fright and terror.  When X-Files came on the air 15 years ago, I was hooked on the premise.  The concept and bread and butter for the television show focused on two FBI agents who solved serial murders, hunted monsters, battled aliens, and investigated government conspiracies.  This is what the X-Files was all about, and it became one of the most popular shows on television.  Unfortunately, this new movie has a story line that was made for the small screen rather than the big screen. 


There are two stories in this movie, story A focuses on Mulder and Scully attempting to find two kidnapped women, with the help of a former catholic priest, who is a psychic and convicted child molester (this angle has significance).  In true X-Files fashion, the debate is whether or not this guy is a psychic, or his he involved in the kidnappings.  Now for a television episode, this wouldn’t be too bad, but we have seen similar concepts in contemporary TV on CSI and Law & Order.  Who wants to see such a premise at the movie theater? I mean the X-Files themselves have had better episodes than this movie. Does anyone remember the Peacock episode? That episode was so disturbing, that it has been banned from TV! X-Files pushed the limits of the television genre with frightening and enlightening episodes that pushed the viewer’s imagination to the extremes.  This movie does none of these things.


Story B focused on the relationship between Mulder and Scully.  At the end of the X-Files TV show, Scully and Mulder had developed a relationship and had grown to love one another.  When the X-Files was on the air, I was completely invested in the characters and their relationship. I believed it. However, as I watched the movie, I realized I no longer cared about Scully and Mulder.  They were just two people that I knew once very well, but the years and distance made us grow apart, and I think that is why this movie is failing at the box office.  A lackluster story and two characters that people no longer have a vested interest in leads to a dull film.  If this movie would have been released five years ago, it would have been more relevant to people. Now the film is going to end up like so many victims have in the X-Files….Missing.


The belief is gone and the X-Files have been closed forever.


Grade: C



  1. Most X-Files episodes left me longing for more even on the television series. No closure. No satisfying outcomes. Ugghhh… I even purchased and then watched the Chris Carter selected episodes in order to prepare for this upcoming movie. But all critics (like you Ron) gave the flick no higher than a “C”. I’m disappointed; but such is the movie business at the current time. The majority of flicks released are bombs and duds with a few dazzling spectacles every once in awhile!

    Great review…



  2. True you never got hard core answers to the mysteries like we have been getting on lost, but I always felt we received enough to develop potential outcomes in our minds. To me if there is no X-Files, there is no LOST.


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