Quantum of Solace Movie Review

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Quantum of Solace


007 is back! Bond…James Bond has arrived back on the scene with a new film called Quantum of Solace.  This is an action filled, slug fest that continues the trend of a 21st century Bond that is gritty, deadly and light on charm.  If you saw the wonderful Casino Royale, then you know this is not your Dad’s Sean Connery Bond, or maybe your tongue in cheek Roger Moore Bond, which are by far the most popular of Bonds.  This current Bond is a brooding killer that doesn’t waste time with one-liners before dispatching his foes.  Unlike Bonds of the past, this Bond has a bad habit of killing potential leads before they can reveal crucial information that may help him in his quest to catch the villain.  I like this Bond. I grew up a fan of Roger Moore, and then as I got older and became exposed to Sean Connery, he became my number one Bond. Pierce Bronson was a good Bond, but he just didn’t have that look of someone who was cool, but dangerous.  Sean Connery and Daniel Craig the current Bond have that look.


Now this new film, Quantum of Solace takes place maybe a couple of hours after the end of Casino Royale.  Unlike Casino Royale, in which Bond was working to with MI6 to stop a banker who was financing terrorist, Bond basically freelances in this movie, trying to track down the person responsible for killing his flame in Casino Royale.  Along the way, he stumbles onto this secret organization called Quantum that is attempting to obtain land in Bolivia for the sake of controlling the water supply.   It seems that this is just the first phase of the Quantum group, and it appears that their ultimate goal is to control all the worlds diminishing resources.


The story for Quantum of Solace was a little weak, but it did set up the foundations for a cool secret cabal of wealthy people and power brokers who are bent on world domination, which is reminiscent of the organization called SPECTRE that the Sean Connery Bond battled throughout his movies.  The villains weren’t anything spectacular, but they kept the plot moving along in the film.  This film really played like a conclusion to Casino Royale, instead of a movie that stood on its own two feet.  To truly enjoy this film, watch Casino Royale a day before you see this movie, because then the movie paired with Casino will really be enjoyable because the story just carries over from the first. 


Many people have complained about the story, which I do agree was kind of weak, but I disagree with the people who wonder how Bond could continue to operate after he was suspended by MI6.  The answer is that Bond isn’t dumb he has numerous resources that he as squirreled away over the years from previous operations, and picking the pockets of the defeated villains. One thing I know about Bond is that he does indeed like to live large.  He was no different than how Jason Bourne operates in his movies. 


Speaking of which, who would win between Bourne and Bond?  That is a tough one, but I would have to go with my boy Bond.  He can operate and mingle on all levels of society from the poorest levels to the wealthiest, plus he could charm the ladies into getting anything he wanted! LOL!


Grade: B




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  1. I loved Casino Royale and I’ve heard that the follow-up is a revenge flick in need of a script. I’m sure I’ll see it eventually, but I was really hoping for higher grades from all the critics I respect (namely you Ron).


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