I passed my Principal’s Test

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Finally, after a journey that started in 2003 I am nearing the end of my quest to obtain my Master’s in Education Administration and my Principal’s certification.  I just passed my Principal’s test, and now I have to complete my internship, which will begin in January.  I thank God for giving me the strength to see it through!



  1. Good luck!!!!!

    Sadly, in my never humble opinion, educating the spawn of the masses takes a back seat to “politics” for school administrators.

    Then there is the intrusive federal government. How did the feds ever get involved with education?

    The HUGE federal bureaucracies and the horde of bureaucrats within those bureaucracies requires a HUGE amount of money that could be much better spent in actually educating the kidlings .

    Oh well. Good luck, anyway!!!!

    At least the paychecks shouldn’t bounce!!!


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