The Day the Earth Stood Still Movie Review

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The Day the Earth Stood Still is a remake of a movie that was made in the early 50s.  I never saw the entirety of the original film, so I went into the remake with a bare bones idea of what the movie was about.  In a nutshell, an alien named Klateuu along with his cool looking robot comes to our planet to “Save the Earth”. Unfortunately, what Klateuu wants to do is save the Earth from human beings.  When Klateuu exits his space-globe to deliver his message that “humans need to end their warlike ways and embrace peace”, the humans do what they do best…they shoot him!  Then the adventure begins as the humans try to find out his motives and Klateuu tries to come up with good reasons not to destroy humanity.


The film itself was predictable, and I was able to figure out the side plot about the thousands of spheres that had landed on the Earth before the secretary of defense in the movie did.  Despite the threadbare story line, the movie was enjoyable especially since I saw it for $4 at the 11am viewing.  One problem I had with the film occurred when Klateuu was captured and being interrogated by a single man.  The problem was, there were no cameras recording the event, two way glass with people watching or anything.  This of course made it possible for Klateuu to escape with very little trouble.  I am sorry, but I am not leaving an alien in a room with one person without any kind of supervision or observation.  That scene was just ludicrous!



Grade B-


Roshawn & Kameron- 8.5: They said the movie was good, but it didn’t have enough action.



  1. There was a weird setup with how it was supposed to be a love story that convinces Klateuu to save Earth.

    They go through all this trouble to show the Doctor is the only female in her field, attractive and single, and Klateuu happens to not look bad in his perfectly fitting suit. Yet there is absolutely no chemistry between the two.

    Klatteu makes a really big deal about leaving his comrade behind, but by the end of the movie I’m not entirely certain how he was planning on leaving even if he hadn’t changed his mind.

    The old film also included references to Klateuu being Jesus (Mr. Shepard). And the new film showed plenty of biblical references, but for some reason chose to cut the most important parallel of raising from the dead.

    The whole thing felt dry as if some executive was sitting in the whole way, dictating a film with no passion or drive to show it audience how terrible the human race is. It feels like the first draft of the first movie, rather then an update of the initial idea.

    And jeez that child, it was just like watching that little girl from the new War of the Worlds. It’s like they’re just asking to be spanked the entire movie.


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