The Shack by William P. Young

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51p-xoe2ajl_sl160_pisitb-sticker-arrow-dptopright12-18_sh30_ou01_aa115_11The Shack is an interesting Christian themed story of a man Mackenzie Allen Philips who suffers a great loss, which he titles the “Great Sadness”, which leads to him beginning to question his faith.  One day during a snow storm, he checks his mail and recieves at letter that just says “Meet Me at the Shack” with the signature God at the bottom.  This then begins Mack’s journey to rediscover his relationship with God, and deal with the “Great Sadness”.

This is such a powerful book, that I was fighting back tears throughout.  By the time I was done reading, I felt like I had read not just a book of fiction, but the ultimate book on the philopshophy of mans’ life with God.  This is a touching tale!  The book was so good, that I burned through all 248 pgs in less than 24 hours! The book didn’t seem like my cup of tea at first, but once I sat down yesterday and started to read, I was hooked. 

Grade: A


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