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This is not the movie Push: Based on the Novel by Sapphire, but PUSH the telekinetic action movie.  I am not going to waste much of your time on this review.  Push will be pushing up daisies by the end of the week.  This movie had so much promise, but it is just so bad.  The movie is marketed as an action, superhero type flick, but there isn’t much action and the story is pretty flimsy.  I like the premise, which reminds me of a book I read in high school called “The Mercy Men”, about people with telekinetic ability that are hunted down etc.  Although the idea behind this film was good, the writers just couldn’t put together a coherent storyline.  The story is about a young girl (Dakota Fanning) who meets up with the hero Nick (Chris Evans) and tells him that he has to save a woman and a brief case, (which has a secret power boosting formula in it for telekinetics). The people on this Earth have Star Wars, force like powers that Darth Vader would kill to have and govt. agency called “The Division” wants to get the formula back so they can make an army.  This is pretty much the story, which is even simple by the television show Heroes’ standards.  Not only is the story poor, but the action in this movie is rare. Most of the cool fight scenes in the movie were shown during television commercials throughout the year.  The strangest part of the movie was that the coolest fight scene involved a secondary villain who was fighting against another group of villains.  The hero of the film was a lightweight by comparison, but somehow when he fights this secondary villain, he prevails.  This film has so many flaws and holes that even I can’t give it a pass.


What really bothered me about this film however, was how the director had the actress, Dakota Fanning portray her character.  She is a 13 year old girl, and they have her wearing a miniskirt and walking around in grung type high knee boots, trying to look sexy with her toothpick thin legs.  Not only did they keep trying to give her subtle camera shots trying to make her look hot, they had her get drunk, so she could try to enhance her powers. (Yea that makes a lot of sense! I drink, so I can drive better! That’s the message that scene sends!) The thought that kept coming into my mind regarding Dakota was “TROLLOP”.  I thought it was just plain wrong to exploit that young girl like that.  This was definitely a blatant scheme to get young teens to buy into this weak film.  It worked to because my sons and their buddy gave the film an A+.  I tried to keep this  review  short, but I couldn’t.


Grade: D


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  1. I’m not surprised that Dakota was punked out for ratings. That is the sorrowful trend these days. Sounds like it worked. When Olympic Swim Champions let down adults for showing kids that they partake in and enjoy drugs they send a far more dreadful message to today’s young people. Movies as you described along with let down role models like Phelps are pissing me off… I will avoid this flick like the plague!


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