WATCHMEN Movie Review

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I never read the graphic novel WATCHMEN, but I have heard people rave about it for years.  For some reason, my curiosity was not enough to read the adult comic.  When I saw the trailers for the movie however, I was hooked.  In a nutshell, the WATCHMEN is a story that takes place in an alternate Earth, where Nixon is still President of the United States in 1985.  He is serving his third term, and the world is on the brink of nuclear oblivion. The heroes in this world are no longer popular and have begun to show signs of old age.  That is the set up for the film, but the story itself is rather interesting.  Someone kills a hero called the Comedian, who is not much of a hero at all.  The movie is basically an investigation about who killed the Comedian, and how it ties into the nuclear conflict that is about to be unleashed between the Americans and Soviets.  The investigator of this murder is a hero/villain named Rorschach, who kills bad guys and maims police officers who get in his way.  Along his journey we meet his old partner the Night Owl (A low budget Batman), Dr. Manhattan a supercharged blue titan, Ozymandis a rich super hero and the Silver Specter (I think that was the other ones name.)  All of these heroes in this movie are pretty interesting and very real.  As a matter of fact, I would even hesitate to call any of them heroes. Rorschach and especially the Comedian are very disturbing.  Rorschach is like a psychotic Batman. 


I don’t want to give away too much of the story because it is a super hero murder mystery with a touch of action.  If you plan on seeing this movie, don’t expect a super hero vs. super villain slugfest.  This movie is about investigating a murder, and solving the crime before the world ends.  The movie is a little slow at times and light on the action, but when the action arrives it is very brutal.  I can see why this movie garnered an R rating.  You are going to see bones getting split, bodies exploding, arms getting cutoff etc.  These heroes don’t take many prisoners.  This movie is also chock full of nudity and love making scenes as well.  Dr. Manhattan the blue nuclear type guy walks around naked for most of the film.  You get to see the full frontal on this dude.  This movie was definitely made with adults in mind.  That being said, the movie is good, but like I said before a little slow.


Grade B-



  1. Wabbit, I went to sleep the first time I tried to see the movie. The hype about the film was so strong I went to an early show. I was not impressed what so ever. You are definitely correct when you said that the movie is slow. I went to the bathroom twice (which I normally never do).

    To me the movie was borrrring!!! I think that viewers should save their money unless they are hardcore fans.

    There you have it Wabbit….

    My grade…. C-


  2. Thanks for the warnings… I recommend you stay home and watch “Lost”, “Damages” and best of all “Breaking Bad” on television for free. They are all awesome shows…


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