Dragon Ball Evolution Movie Review

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I admit Roshawn and I knew this movie was going to be bad before we went to see it, but being fans of the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z anime, we felt an obligation to go and evaluate how the film compared to the Japanese animated show.  There is no comparison to give.  This movie is horrible, so please avoid it like the plague!


There is nothing redeemable about this film, it is short (thankfully!), has a poor story, horrible special effects, terrible acting and they changed everything that even remotely related to the animated show.  I figured the film would be on life support based on what I saw in the movie trailers, but I didn’t think it would be dead on arrival and rotting like a week old corpse in the desert sun.


This is the worst movie of the year! I am glad I caught the 10:45 am show and only spent $12 bucks for three of us.



Grade: F-


Roshawn (Age 15 in 3 days): C-/D, but the more we talk about it the worse is thoughts get.


Kameron (Age 10): F-/He just said it was horrible, and is still bashing it 30 minutes after we got home.



  1. Sometimes seeing bad movies can be fun although it is often distressing to have spent money on such miserable garbage. I can relate. Sure I’ve loved many movies in my life, but I think I’ve hated even more that were duds. Recently I saw some bombs: “The Haunting of Molly Hartley”, “Twilight”, “Body of Lies” and “Prom Night”. Occasionally, it can be fun to laugh at such awful crap, but at other times you just want to warn the masses to avoid these films at all costs.


  2. I guess the bright side of it is, some day you will all look back on this and laugh. Or gripe. Or get upset, or . . Well you’ll all look back on this day and it will, well, be done. You will all be happy because it is. Done that is.


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