Saga of the Seven Suns Book Series: Hidden Empire & Forest of Stars by Kevin Anderson

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I have been struggling with finding a good book series to read, while waiting for the conclusions to two of my favorite fantasy series, the Song of Fire & Ice Saga and the Wheel of Time series.  These series are so involved and detailed, that I have become spoiled with the indepth character development, intriguing worlds and story lines that the authors created.  Each book in both series are an average of 700-900 pages.  Each series has over 6 books.  I finally found a new space series that I thought would fill my needs called the Saga of the Seven Suns series, which has 7 books.  The story line for the series is pretty cool.  The humans have come across an alien race called the Ildirans who have given them technology to travel amongst the stars.  During the humans journey across the stars, they colonize a planet which has trees that allow them to communicate almost instantaneously anywhere in the galaxy.  All you need is a specially trained person to touch the tree and people and communicate their thoughts.  The humans also come across a dead civilization of an insectoid race called the Klikiss.  They discover an ancient device called the Klikiss torch, which allows them to turn gas planets like Jupiter into suns.  The adventure begins when the humans ignite a gas planet, which is orbited by four moons they want to colonize.  Unfortunately for the humans, when they turn the gas giant into a sun, they didn’t know that the gas planet was inhabited by an ancient alien race  called the Hydrogues.  When they ignited the planet, tens of millions of the Hydrogueswere killed.  After this event the Hydrogues boil out of gas planets around the galaxy attacking all “rock dwellers”, which are beings that live on regular planets with the intent of wiping them all out.  So the saga revolves around humanity’s attempts to survive this tragedy, while also trying to maintain its iron grip on the colonies it dominates around the galaxy.

Although I love the storyline and the universe the author Kevin Anderson created, his writing style is very juvenile.  He doesn’t do a very good job of describing interaction between his characters, and he has this habit starting each chapter with a different character and describing their story.  This in itself isn’t bad, because George R. Martin does this in the Song of Fire and Ice series, but there are so many characters in the Saga of the Seven Suns that it gets confusing.  The author also has a very slow writing pace, and there are pages and pages of filler that don’t move the story forward whatsoever.  His description of the action scenes are average at best, and in the beginning didn’t fill me with much excitement.  He also doesn’t even bother to give descriptions and details about the way the ships look or anything of that nature.  Despite these drawbacks, I am still drawn to his overall story and want to finish it, even though I am not all impressed with what I read so far.  I have read two of the seven books, but I haven’t been able to justify buying the rest.  I may have to see if the library has these to finish up, what started off being a very promising series.

Grade so far C-


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