Obsessed Movie Review

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Obsessed Movie Review


I don’t normally go to the movies to see suspense thrillers, or mystery type films, but since the wife wanted to see it, it was a good opportunity for us to enjoy a rare date with just the two of us.


Basically, Obsessed is an updated version of Fatal Attraction, with a couple of twists in the storylines.  If you like Fatal Attraction, Idris Elba (Stringer Bell from the Wire), Beyonce, or Ali Larter (From Heroes), then you are going to enjoy this film.  The movie basically starts off with Derek (Elba) a high powered financial advisor bumping into a temp named Lisa (Larter) on the elevator.  Although you can see the mutual attraction, Derek keeps his heart and mind on his with Shannon (Beyonce) and his child.  Lisa on the other hand is smitten, and she spends the rest of the movie attempting to convince Derek that they are in love using a number of increasingly risqué schemes to get him in the sack.  Unlike Michael Douglass from Fatal Attraction, Derek has the will power of the Gods, and is able to rebuke Lisa at every turn.  However, Derek makes the mistake and lies to his wife about what the temp is doing.  This eventually leads to a very compromising situation, which arises on a business trip and excuse me, but all hell breaks loose! Shannon, unlike most movie wives is not some soft woman that doesn’t know what to do about the situation.  Once Shannon meets up with Lisa, she lets Lisa know that she was messing with the wrong man!


Put it this way, when Shannon met up with Lisa in the house, the entire audience was cheering and clapping and encouraging her on.  It has been awhile since I have gone to the movies in the evening just to avoid these types of interruptions, but for this film it was fitting and refreshing.  This is what the producers of this film wanted, audience interaction.  My wife was grabbing my hand and looking at me, whispering “If you ever…!” All I could do was laugh.  Is this a good movie? Sure, it is entertaining and gets couples, boyfriends and girlfriends to look at each other and shake their fingers, and their heads with the look of “You better not ever think about doing that…. You can finish the rest. LOL!


This is the new Fatal Attraction of the 21st Century, and the young people that I saw watching it today will be talking about Obsessed like we talked about Fatal Attraction.


Grade B






  1. I ‘d give th Movie a 6 out of 10– I like IDRIS as an actor.. BUT not so much BEYONCE.. I like her best as a singer/ dancer. Over all the movie was OK .–

    I was expecting more drama, I love Fatal attraction much better.. Now that was a thriller. No one could have played that role in that movie better than Glen Close. Husband and wives are always attracted to these types of movies.. hhmm.. wonder why?


    1. Yes Fatal Attraction has a lot more action in it and a little more excitement. As far as your last question. At some point or another husbands and wives have flirted, been flirted with or tempted, and this gives them an opportunity to see what the potential consequences could have been if they went for it. Husbands and wives can sit back and breath a sign of relief that they didn’t make that mistake. Its almost like taking pleasure in the problems of another, knowing you avoided them.


  2. Wooo!!! we finally made it out to the movies and saw this movie yesterday!

    MAN!! if I woulda known…I woulda never seen this with my gf! haha jk…u know how much trouble She attempted to get me in because of this?! haha

    Overall I thought it was a good movie….I guess my next step is for my young eyes to see fatal attraction! I would give it a B+ grade as well.

    – THE FIGHT SCENE was cool…but answer me this…WHY DIDNT SHE HIT THE PANIC BUTTON?! EVER?


  3. She didn’t hit that panic button because Beyonce wanted to whip that tail, by the time she realized she was in trouble, she was nowhere near the panic button. I bet when her butt was about to go over that banister she was wishing she had hit that button!

    You haven’t seen FATAL ATTRACTION! That is a must see! Obsessesd is good, but the chick in fatal attraction is something else. Plus Mike Douglass puts the whammy on that chick and makes her fall in love!


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