X-Men Origins: Wolverine Movie Review

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The summer season is finally upon us, and the local movie theaters and I are going to develop a cozy relationship over the next couple of months, as I venture in and out of their cool interiors to see what summer movie madness the studios are serving up this year.  Wolverine has been on my radar for sometime, but unfortunately, with STAR TREK right around the corner, it has been hard for me to get overly excited about this film like I am getting excited about STAR TREK.

I never really read the X-Men comic books as a kid except for a couple here and there, so my only real knowledge of X-Men history comes from the movies themselves and discussions I have had with X-Men aficionados.  My review will be more mainstream based than fan based.  When I initially saw the trailers for X-Men Origins: Wolverine, I was initially under-whelmed because the special effects didn’t look all that great and it looked low budget.  Now that I have seen the film, my opinion about the special effects and the budget still haven’t changed much.  I would be surprised if this movie cost as much as Iron Man or Batman: Dark Knight, but regardless, I have to say I really liked this movie!  The film is not as fun as Iron Man and it is not as epic as the Dark Knight, but it did everything that I want in a summer film, it provided, action, mayhem, cool special effects and a decent story.  As a matter of fact, one of my favorite scenes in the movie was the beginning where it chronicled Wolverine’s immortal journey through history from the Civil War up through the Vietnam era.  They even used that cool photo technique from the 70s I love, where they freeze the frame during the coolest part of the action scenes and show the names of the actors and so forth before unfreezing and moving on. 

 The storyline itself is pretty simple, which is your basic revenge story with a nice little switch up at the end.  Wolverine is pursuing his fiendish brother whom he has fought side by side with for centuries for killing his wife in present day.  Along the way, the U.S. government provides him with an indestructible skeleton; to help him track down his brother.  Along the way he runs across other former mutants whom he worked with in the past to help him on his quest.  That is pretty much the story in a nutshell.  The story and settings are simple, in a gritty and woodsy kind of way that fits the mood and theme of the title character Wolverine.  The guy that stole the show for me was Victor aka Sabertooth, who is Wolverine’s brother.  I just thought he was a cool dude, although pretty blood thirsty.  He is nowhere near as convincing or as entertaining as Heath Ledger as the Joker, but he was a good villain.  There is plenty of action and adventure in this film, but it is spaced out pretty well.  If you saw the Watchmen, you won’t be bored for stretches like you were in that film.  If you like the original three X-Men movies, then you won’t be disappointed with this one. Just add it to your collection and have X-Men day at some point and watch them in order.

Oh yea! I have to give this shot out to my home city of Harrisburg because we make it in the film, although we are not mentioned by name. The final battle takes place at THREE MILE ISLAND! I live 10 miles from there! I am thinking of driving down there later today to assess the damage that Wolverine left behind!

Grade: B+

 Kameron: A

 Roshawn- Seeing it with friends. I’ve lost my 15 year old movie road dog to teenageitis, but as YODA said “There is another!”


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  1. When you said the final battle occurred at Three Mile Island, you had me. I want to see this flick even though it had underwhelming reviews. You put the context of this flick into proper perspective as usual. I will see it at some point. Star Trek has me a bit more excited and I hope it isn’t a flop. However, with J. J. Abrams at the helm, I am not very worried. Star Trek will be my first Summer Movie…

    Thanks for writing such awesome reviews on all movies you see…



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