STAR TREK Movie Review

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STAR TREK Movie Review 

“Captain Kirk was a great man…but that was another life time.” And that my friends is the quote of ages for all STAR TREK fans. The old Kirk, the old STAR TREK that we once knew in a time long past has changed forever…The memory of what once was burns deep in my mind, like a time traveler stuck in an alternate reality with the knowledge of something that was good, but has been forever changed.  That is what this new STAR TREK has done.  It has made me fondly remember the past, WHILE BOLDLY LOOKING TO THE FUTURE WITH THIS NEW AND REVITALIZING STAR TREK MOVIE!  Yes, I remember the James T. Kirk, Dr. McCoy, Spock, Sulu, Uhura, Checkov and Scotty from the 60s through 90s, who warped on the small and large screen bringing joy to fans.  I loved those characters and I would have strapped on a phaser and even a “RED SHIRT” (Inside joke for Star Trek Fans!) to hang with them, but they are gone, a whisper of the past.  I have a new crew now, an alternate reality STAR TREK crew that warped into my life today and made me wish I was a kid again, so I could fantasize that I too served with the new and improved Jim Kirk of the Starship Enterprise.

This film has resurrected STAR TREK in a way that no other STAR TREK film has.  I understand that I am a biased STAR TREK fan, but I will tell you I don’t like all of the STAR TREK movies, to put it into perspective for you.  JJ Abrahms and company have produced a new, fast and hip STAR TREK that has successfully recreated the personalities of the original characters and made them even better.  Even if they never made another STAR TREK movie, this movie was like a LOVE movie for fans.  It gave us the original characters, action, a good story and some awesome visual shots.  If I am not careful, I might have a dissertation by the time I am done, so I am going to try and keep this short.

If you are a fan of STAR TREK, you will love this film.  If you are a person who doesn’t know anything about STAR TREK you will probably enjoy this film.  You don’t have to know anything about STAR TREK to watch it.  This movie completely reboots the STAR TREK series, while bridging the gap with the old.  I am not going to give the story away although you can deduce it from my words above, but this is a good film.  Is it the STAR WARS of the 21st Century? Will it take the nation and world by storm? Probably not, Why? We are spoiled today, by the visual effects and massive scale that have become movies today.  STAR WARS set the standard for that, and people expect movies of this nature to be grand sweeping space operas.  STAR TREK has never been a series about the battle of civilization and mysticism.  The issues the crew of the Enterprise face are generally small scale compared to the gigantic space battles you see in STAR WARS.  STAR TREK is truly about characters getting to know themselves as they go on missions to learn about their universe.  This movie is about that.  A group of young people who find themselves in a deadly situation and they have to step up, mature and make the best of it.  When I was a kid, I loved STAR WARS and I always pretended I was Han Solo or Luke Skywalker because they were cool, but at the end of the day I always wanted to hang out with Kirk, Spock and McCoy because they were the best of friends and I wanted to be a part of that friendship.  This new STAR TREK movie has given me that feeling again.  A friendship has been reborn, and I want to be a part of it.

Grade: A- : Why an A-? I am sick of that shaky cam and close up fighting!

Roshawn: My road dog has returned: Grade: A

Kameron: S for Satisfactory because they didn’t have Klingons.



  1. After reading your review, I realized that although this series has been revamped, it relied heavily on our understanding of the past. Like you, I was happy with the cast and the character development, because I grew up watching the television series starring Shatner and Nimoy. J.J. is a master. However I totally understand why new fans might be underwhelmed (my sons). Without prior knowledge of Kirk, Bones, Scotty and Spock, the nuances of the characters might seem time consuming and even confusing. My boys were bored! I disagree with the movie producers when they claim that the movie is for new fans as well as old fans. I don’t buy that for a second.

    Warning: Discussion of plot to reveal holes!

    In addition, I was slightly disturbed by some plot gaps and science holes (literally). I may have missed something, but I think the Enterprise was hiding near Saturn’s moon during a crucial scene. Mysterious red matter formed a black hole near the location where the Enterprise was hiding? Wouldn’t a black hole within or close to our galaxy eventually suck in the Earth? Also, if the Romulans were from the future, why wouldn’t they have known of Scotty’s technology that allowed for beaming aboard ships during warp speed? Even if they didn’t possess said technology, they would had to have known about it. And why does a captain have the ability to assign control to other members of his ship merely by saying it out loud even if there were only a handful of witnesses? What proof was there that some bar fighting dude with no experience was named first officer thus giving him the ability to eventually become captain?

    Warning Over!

    I will say that I liked the revamped series because I was never a fan of the other movie franchise. I did like “The Wrath of Khan” movie however. I am hopeful that future movies might contain some enticing stories that further utilize the characters to provide entertaining adventures for years to come.

    Jay’s Grade: B


    1. Fair assessment.

      Actually, I am surprised your grade was so high, I thought you would have hated it! LOL!. I could see why your sons were bored. Action in the Star Wars films is the main event, while it has always taken a back seat in Star Trek.

      I didn’t think my sons were going to like it either because they have seen the some of the tv shows and movies and they weren’t all that impressed. My boys aren’t really sci-fi geeks, they are more action geeks.

      I agree with the Scotty scene and the horrible plot of Transwarp beaming. I was sitting there as well thinking that the Enterprise had been gone for hours and there would be no way for them to catch up by beaming, although Transwarp technology is faster than warp technology. If it would have happened soon after they had gone to warp, I would have accepted it a little more.

      As far as the singularity is concerned, since it was man or alien made, maybe they had limitations on it. I accepted that a little.LOL, although they made a mistake in the flash back when they said the Romulan sun going supernova would threaten the galaxy. I don’t see how a sun blowing up could threaten the galaxy.

      As far as the Romulans not knowing about Scotty’s warp technology we have to remember a couple of things. First, as Nero said, they were simple miners out for revenge and probably didn’t know much about technology and history of it. Secondly, they changed history, so Scotty wasn’t even where he was supposed to be. I think that made sense.

      As far as Pike promoting Kirk, I have heard of battle field promotions. Remember, Kirk spent 3 years at the academy with the rest of the cadets. Everyone on that crew was basically a rookie except for Pike and Spock. Kirk was one of the best of his class. In the original, he was promoted to captain at age 35, the youngest to ever accomplish such a feat. He was the best of the best. We didn’t really get to see that here although they hinted at his genius status. I will agree that his behavior didn’t warrant such a promotion. What really bothered me was Chekhov’s accent. Even the original Chekhov accent wasn’t that thick!

      I am with you it was a great start and I hope there is more, but I am not anticipating this beating any records.


  2. That was an awesome follow up to what I wrote. I also thought of another problem. Okay, I’ll accept the way Dr. McCoy got Kirk on the Enterprise after he was banned from the ship only because that was one of the funniest moments in the movie. However, how could the security be so poor that Kirk could make it all the way to the bridge? Okay, I’ll stop nitpicking now… Like we both said, it was a good start to the new franchise and both of us respect JJ. By the way, JJ is cousins with one of my Pre-Calc students. He proved it to me. Cool…. Anyway, I just hope that some of the plot issues of Trek don’t carry over to the final episodes of “LOST”. I would hate to be disappointed when “LOST” has its final episode due to time travel plot problems… See ya Saturday night…



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