Terminator Salvation

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 The power of music and what it can do to human emotions is amazing to me. When I saw the first trailer for Terminator Salvation, with the Nine Inch Nails song “The Day the World Went Away” blaring out of my speakers, I could feel the desperation in the movie scenes as humanity battled the machines for its very survival.  I got chills down my spine as I saw the humans flying in on their choppers shooting it out with the Terminators.  Just from the music and that scene from the trailer I knew I had to see this movie.  I was then dumbstruck, when the scene from the movie trailer arrived in the first ten minutes of the movie, and I just sat there unmoved.  That is when I realized that music has true power.  The music from the trailer was not in the movie at all, and it changed the whole dynamic and feel of the movie for me.  The music says it all for me.  The new Terminator movie has action, terminators galore and more action, but it doesn’t have a soul.  It is almost like Skynet the evil computer in the movie, manufactured this movie for the masses, but didn’t know how to inject any heart, which of course a machine can’t do, at least not yet. Whoever put together that trailer with Nine Inch Nails needs to get a bonus.

This new Terminator has some plot holes and some character actions, which just didn’t make any sense, but I could have overlooked them if the movie would have moved me in some way.   The first Terminator movie, which I saw in theaters at age 14, scared me, but also made me care desperately for the fate of Sarah Conner and Kyle Reese as they fled the relentless and ruthless T800.  The second movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day also filled me with compassion for the young John Conner, who was trying to escape from the ultra cool T1000 liquid metal Terminator.   Both of those movies drew me into the characters and made me believe and care for their plight.  This current movie did nothing for me emotionally, although I enjoyed it much better than Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

 This is not a bad movie, but it is not great.  Although Star Trek had flaws it was a fun and exciting ride and I was drawn into the characters and their relationships. So far, Star Trek is still the number one movie of the summer in my book. 

 Grade C

 Roshawn B:  Some story changes needed

Kameron C:    More action needed



  1. When will big budget movie producers ever realize that blockbuster is lackluster without story, character and soul? This was the worst of the Terminator series (yes worse than the third flick which I happened to like). I didn’t mind the special effects, but I was surprised that so far there hasn’t been any litigation from the makers of “War of the Worlds”. After all, a huge scene was a total rip off from that movie (even the sound effects). I also agree with ‘Entertainment Weekly’ when they compare this flick to zombie movies like “Dawn of the Dead”. However; instead of zombies, “Terminator” had robots that acted like zombies. Let’s not forget to mention the actors that had the charisma of zombies (including Christian Bale)! Because I did enjoy some of the effects, I won’t give the movie a failing grade. I am concerned that creativity in the motion picture industry has evaporated though. One of my favorite movies from last year was a low budget horror flick called “Splinter”. The director of that movie understood that plot, character development and charisma overshadow budget any day. I only wish somebody would give “Splinter” director (Toby Wilkins) the keys to a summer blockbuster so that I don’t have to yawn so often and regret giving up my hard earned cash at the theater entrance. Please bring on a movie this summer worthy of my time and money! PLEASE!!!

    Jay’s Grade: B-


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