Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen Movie Review

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First off, if you didn’t like the first Transformers movie then stop here because you won’t like the second, but if you were a fan of the first movie, and you believed it was short on robots and robot mayhem, then strap in!

Transformers 2 is an adrenaline pumped, steroid using big brother of the first film.  This film is filled with more robot action in the first half an hour, then the entire first film.  Transformers 2 has been super-sized and I like it! Now many people aren’t fans of director Michael Bay who made the Rock, Armageddon and the Bad Boys films, but I have to admit I liked all of the above mentioned films.  If you want popcorn summer action, then Bay is the man.  Now if you want a complex story and characters then you made need to look elsewhere.  Bay doesn’t bring complexity to Transformers 2, and to be honest, I don’t need it.  When I saw Transformers 2, I wanted to see as many robots as possible, transforming and duking it out with rocket cannons and blasters.  I wanted to see as few humans as possible, and I sort of got my wish.  Bay continues to include humans and the traditional love story bit into the films, which are adequate at best, but serviceable to the movie.  The characters are the same as in the first film, and they are just as paper thin, but they fulfill their purpose to give a human side to the movie. 

The story is also straightforward and simple, with the Decepticons (the evil transformers) searching for their leader Megatron and a lost power source to fuel their galactic ambitions for the glory of the Fallen.  The Autobots (the good transformers) defend humanity and try to stop the Decepticons.

So if you enjoyed the first one, then you will love the 2nd one, although there is much more cussing than in the first one. A lot more humans die in this one than in the first one.  I would say a good 8 to 10 thousand people die in this film, although they are Star Wars type deaths, which means no blood or gore.  

I did have an issue with certain elements of the film. First of all there is a scene where the mom of the human hero Sam unknowingly eats brownies filled with marijuana.  She of course acts a fool, but it had nothing to do with driving the plot of the movie forward whatsoever.  Secondly, there were some Autobot twins, which gave me a strong memory of Jar Jar Binks, although not as blatant. They were annoying and some people will complain, but they were not too over the top with their stereotypes. Thirdly, I wish these directors would stop with the shaky cam and quick cuts! I am sick of it already.

 Despite my issues, this is a fun summer sci-fi film, which fulfills its mandate to entertain therefore it has earned a solid….B



  1. Wabbit, we are getting closer in agreement. I gave the film a C+. It had way too much foul language which was not necessary to advance the storyline. I would not recommend this movie for young people. I don’t remember the rating, but it should have been PG 13.

    The movie did have a lot of robot footage, but it was missing something that I can’t identify. All in all I thought the film was okay. I would not rate it as a block buster, for it is to simplistic.

    And how was your day?



  2. for as much as you pumped it I was sure the movie would be an A, I haven’t seen it yet, and will be back to comment after I have. Good review glad it didn’t spoil the movie for me. What would have made it better for you?


  3. Well I will respond to the both of you. The movie did have entirely too much cussing, which I just had a discussion about with Kameron. I was telling Kameron that the first Transformers film may have had 3 cuss words in the entire film, while the second one surpassed that number in the first 5 minutes. The cussing was unnecessary, the constant animal like humping was unnecessary, the wrecking BALLS were unnecessary, there was a whole lot of unnecesseary stuff in the movie. Also upon reflection, and thinking back the stereotype scenes were worse, although so fast they were not as ingrating as Jar Jar Binks.

    What saved this film for me was the robot and military action, from what I could see of it! LOL! There was a great movie in here somewhere. I would love to see a movie like this in the hands of a James Cameron. I loved all of the battle scenes. I finally got to see my cartoon of the early 80s on the big screen. All of the scenes with the humans was pretty much filler. The cartoons were about the robots, the first Transformers cartoon was about the robots. The technology is good enough that these robots can emote properly. I want to get to know the transformers! The director almost seems afraid that people don’t want to see the transformers act, but just to shoot and blow up. I think he is highly mistaken. People want to invest in the transformers just like they do with the human actors. Even the guys that made the transformers cartoon movie knew that. I still get shivers and chills when I rewatch that movie and see Megatron kill Optimus. Now that movie had emotional resonance!

    Now that I wrote my official review, I have gone back and read the reviews from the critics. The critics are bashing the film, saying it is racist, too fast and too long. I have to admit I didn’t think the film was long at all. As a matter of fact, I was hoping the final battle would go on longer.

    I will buy the dvd, and then I will be able to fast foward through all of the dumb human scenes and get to the transformers!


  4. Well you know that I am one of those people who is not fond of Bay movies. His movies are loud, stupid, ridiculous and full of inflated bravado while having virtually no plot. I made the mistake of giving Bay another chance when I went to see the original “Transformers” movie. Despite your mostly positive review, I won’t be making the mistake of spending my money on any more Bay productions. Pass!


  5. Jay there is no doubt about it. You would have buried this film under 6 feet of concrete! He went beyond ridiculous in many ways, but I love his eye for the action. He needs to have a dual directorship. He can handle the action scenes and someone eles can handle th story and the characters! LOL!


  6. Okay, i loved this movie. But come on? I didn’t notice anything wrong with the movie. Some of you need to just relax and stop judging the damn thing. It might not be suitable for kids, but hey! IT was AMAZING.


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