Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince Review

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Harry Potter is one of those rare mediums that has conquered the hearts and minds of people in the forms of books and films over the past decade.  When the Potter books came out, I had no interest in reading them because I had dismissed them as children’s books. However, once my son started reading them, and when a tough football coach colleague of mine expressed his love of the books, my curiosity was piqued.  Once I started reading the books, I was hooked on the world of Harry Potter.  The movies amazingly were able to capture the magic and wonder that was the world of Harry Potter, and they became commercial successes in the world, as well as successful movies in my own mind.

 The trend continues with Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.  I will tell you up front, that this is not an action filled, summer popcorn film.  This is a film that continues the journey of Harry Potter and his Quest to defeat the evil Lord Voldermort.  The Half Blood Prince is not really a self contained movie, but a start to the final series of events that leads to the conclusion of the series.  This particular film revolves around Potter’s investigation into the history of Lord Voldermort and the role that his childhood nemesis Draco Malfoy has in Lord Voldermort’s plans for the wizard world.  The film also focuses on a number of romantic relationships that have been developing over the series of movies.  What I really like about the current movies, is that they acknowledge the older age of their characters and give them young adult attitudes and behaviors that are believable and can relate to teens and young adults who have grown up with the Potter films.  That being said, there are some scenes in the film that you may not feel comfortable allowing your young young children to see.  As in the books, the latest crop of Potter films have become very dark and foreboding, but the current film is still filled with laughs and fun moments that will keep the depressing events of the film at bay.

 If you have not read the books or become a fan of the movies, then this film might seem a little slow for you and may be difficult to follow, at least that is what my dad said.  He didn’t enjoy the film at all and said he fell asleep a few times.  I enjoyed the film tremendously, and I loved visiting with the characters in this world again.

 Grade: A

 Roshawn: A-

Kameron: A

Dad: C


One comment

  1. This film literally brought the book from exact words to visual imagery. This was also the most quiet film I’ve barely ever heard. The romance was too boring for kids & too juvenile for adults. Yet I appreciated the movie overall other than the fact that television shows like Breaking Bad, Rescue Me & Lost are so much better & totally free.
    My grade: B


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