G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Movie Review

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Although I am still enjoying some vacation time, I could not resist writing this review!

YO JOE!  The hit 1980’s television show with the famous catch phrase  has finally hit the movie screen in a loud, live action summer popcorn, bubble gum fest.  I am just going to come out and say it. I loved this movie!  This movie blows away all of the Transformers movie, in regards to delivering what the fans want, which is a full scale movie devoted entirely to the GI Joe team and their battles with the up and coming Cobra organization.  In my opinion the Transformers movies delivered, but included too much fluff, which took away from the films.

For those of you not familiar with G.I. Joe, they were a series of 12 inch tall army action figures (dolls! LOL!) that were created sometime in the 50’s or 60’s.  They were G.I.s, which stands for Government Issue.  These dolls had accesories and weapons etc. Think Ken Barbie doll and mix with Rambo. I had a GI Joe doll and I remember gluing a beard on him. Anyway, in the 80’s, a cartoon was made about the G.I. Joes and their battles with a well financed terrorist organization called Cobra, which was led by Cobra Commander.  Each side the good and the bad had colorful characters with colorful names and abilities.  I knew as a kid that the cartoon series was bad, and it was even worse to me because there were never any fatalities in the show, (Darn those government regulations!) but I still followed the show pretty faithfully. Although the show was bad, it was pretty popular with a lot of youths of my generation, and the show always ended with a moral of the story, which would end with “And knowing is half the battle!”

When I saw the previews for this G.I. Joe movie, I had very limited hopes for this film, but boy was I wrong. Joes and Cobra villains are getting killed left and right in this film, and the action scenes although CGI are awesome.  This movie was a pleasant surprise, that won’t disappoint fans of the series or anyone who enjoyed the Transformers (Robot scenes only!) movies.  This was my favorite action blockbuster of the summer.

Grade: A

My Dad: A

Roshawn: A

Kameron: A++++++++++ (Thats what he said in his own words.)


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