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Word of mouth has been telling me for weeks that District 9 is a good movie. When I saw the trailers for it last year, I thought it was a documentary on discrimination against a people in Africa.  When I saw the end of the trailer, and it showed an alien being interrogated, I was very intrigued but still cautious because the film was being released in August.  Generally, I have observed that films released in August are usually duds, that don’t stand a chance of competing against the summer action blockbusters.  District 9 doesn’t fit the characteristics of a dud summer film.  I really liked this movie, and I am having a hard time accepting that they only spent 30 million dollars making this film.

 First of all the way the movie was filmed was unique and very creative.  The entire movie is filmed basically filmed in a documentary style format, and if you ever saw the trailers, you would be surprised that the film was about stranded extraterrestrial aliens, who are no longer wanted on Earth.  The film is definitely a homage to the movie and television series Alien Nation, but to me this film is so much better. 

 The film begins with the appearance of a huge spaceship over the skies of Johannesburg, South Africa, which is crammed with nearly 1 million malnourished insect like aliens.  Humans being sympathetic, and interested in the alien tech, transport all 1 million aliens to an area in Johannesburg, which has been given the name District 9.  Although the humans are initial excited about the prospect of interacting with an alien species, it soon becomes apparent that the aliens are very roach like in their behavior and the District that they are given becomes a slum and haven for crime.  The humans try to avoid all contact with the aliens, and they create an apartheid like society in District 9 and oppress the aliens to keep them bottled up in the alien slums.  Its no irony that the filmmakers chose South Africa as their location for this alien visitation, discrimination tale.  It is too easy to draw the parallels with the plight of the black South Africans and the aliens, but it is also ironic and funny that the descendents of the apartheid in the movie are willing to discriminate against the aliens.

 The story revolves around a bureaucrat name Wikus, who is given the charge of relocating the aliens, which the humans have negatively named “Prawns” to a concentration camp like area to keep the aliens separate from humanity.  He is a nice guy when it comes to humans, but you can see he is not too fond of the aliens.  I could easily have replaced his character with a Nazi official, and changed the story to fit his relocation of the Jews. Wikus while investigating a “Prawn” hideout is exposed to an alien liquid, and the movie shifts gears from a documentary to a fascinating action film that forces the main character to reevaluate his purpose in life and try something different.  Wikus is not a nice guy, and throughout most of the film he is motivated purely for selfish reasons, but towards the end, there is redemption.

I was blown away by this film.  It is very well crafted, with a very good story line.  The special effects were top notch and the action although unexpected was amazing.  There were some flaws in the film, such as convenient plot elements to help Wikus along the way, but they were acceptable.  This is the best film I have seen all year long.

Now am I saying G.I. Joe is as good as District 9 since I gave it an A? Heavens no!  To me these films are in different categories. G.I. Joe is a fun film in the category of Transformers or my favorite Kung Fu flicks,  but District 9 is a great movie, with a quality story to match. I would rank it up there with my all time favorite movies. 

 Grade: A+



  1. Well friend; we are in total agreement. However, you pointed out something about the main character that I initially overlooked. He is innately prejudiced towards the aliens, but his initial documentary interview actually served to dweeb down his beliefs into an inconsequential snippet of meaningless side story. In other words, since the main character was so hokey, dorky and downright weird, his underlying hatred towards the aliens (Prawns) was easy to miss. I actually overlooked this super meaningful feature of the main character until I read your review. THANKS Ron! Again, I have to admit to missing out on this extra important plot line. Of course I noticed that the main character was mean to the aliens (Prawns), but I interpreted his actions as cowardice instead of prejudice. You are 100% right though! Nevertheless, the transformation of this character was still nothing short of spellbinding for so many reasons including those caused by his prejudice. Sharlto Copley (actor’s real name) could get an Academy Award nomination as I wrote in my review on my BLOG. I loved this aspect of the story above and beyond anything else in the flick. The perfect special effects of District 9 should be a tutorial for the rest of those people delivering the CGI mess that we are subjected to on a regular basis. The ‘specials’ in this flick were seamless and, as you alluded, spectacularly unexpected. Well, we both must jump into school mode now. You must make a bigger jump than me due to your new role. I might try to sneak in a viewing of “Inglorious Basterds” before the summer ends though.



  2. Yes I thought Sharlto Copley’s acting was great. From what I have researched, this was his first major acting role, so I am even more impressed. I do have a couple of questions about the film, which I am sure they will leave to my imagination.

    1. Why were the aliens there? (Screwed up invasion? Ran out of gas?)

    2. Why didn’t Christopher gather up the fuel while on board the ship when their ship first arrived? The alien tech would have been easier to access then.

    3. Was Wikus’s father in law killed on his assault on MNU headquarters?

    4. What will happen to the human population, since it seems the aliens breed so fast? 1 million to 2.5 million within twenty years? Does that outstripp human reproduction?

    5. I can really sympathize with the humans in the movie because the Prawns don’t give us much to be sympathetic about. They are disgusting, strong as heck and dangerous, so if this happens in real life what do you do?
    I for one wouldn’t have taken the entire population off of the ship until I would have thoroughly investigated their behavior. Then I would have transported them originally to a open and low populated area.


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