2012 Movie Review

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Every since I was a young child around 7, I have stressed and obsessed about the end of the world. I remember worrying about Nuclear Armageddon, the Rapture and all sorts of end of the world scenarios throughout my life. More times than not this has been a curse rather than a blessing for me.  With the movie 2012, thirty two years of fears were rolled into an hour and a half movie.  Everything that I could have imagined was on this film that I saw today. When I was younger I would have probably been depressed, and I would have worried daily, but with faith, I just roll with the punches.  With the technology we have to create all of these marvels of destructive movie making, I have recently asked myself, what if the people who say they saw into the future (Nostradamus etc.) were actually seeing our movies.  Wouldn’t that be a brain twister?!

Anyway 2012 has some breath taking special effects, highlighting the destruction of planet Earth, but the story itself was passable at best.  Ronald Emmerich the director of the film created a by the numbers disaster film, that to me harkened back to the days of the “Towering Inferno and Earthquake”.  The only difference between this film and those, is that humans have no where to really run or hide because the entire planet is going up in smoke.  Story and character wise, this film was as predictable as they come.  Every character scene that came up, I accurately predicted the outcome beforehand. Despite these shortcomings, I thought the scenes depicting the destruction of the Earth were worth the price of matinee admission.

 Grade: C


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  1. Wabbit, I totally agree. The plot and character development was weak, but I enjoyed the special affects. I would buy this movie on DVD. My grade B-

    Dad 🙂


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