AVATAR 3D Movie Review

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Avatar 3D Movie Review

 Today I braved deep snow and treacherous roads to go and see Avatar 3D, which was for me the most anticipated movie of the year.  When I first saw the trailers for this film, I was stunned into silence at the breathtaking visuals.  I wasn’t disappointed in the least when I sat back and watched this visually breathtaking masterpiece of movie making.  The colors and the realism of the fauna, flora and alien life forms in this movie world were phenomenal and the 3 dimensional views just made it even more awe inspiring. 

 Although the movie to me broke cinema ground visually, the story and the meat of the film itself was decent.  The story takes its pages from the history of the European exploitation of the world, in which the Europeans took what valuable resources and riches they wanted from technologically inferior foes due to their vastly superior technology.  That is the case with Avatar.  Humans have found a world rich with a valuable resource which is worth 20 million dollars a kilo.  A corporation has established a foothold on the planet to exploit the resource, much like the British East India Company of old.  Unfortunately for the sentient life on the planet, the richest deposit of the sought after ore lies under their “Home Tree”, which is a massive tree that must have been at least 300 feet tall.  The corporation attempts to negotiate with the native Navie by sending in what they call Avatars, which are human grown Navie that a human can control with his mind.  A new recruit for the Avatar program, gets his Avatar and to keep it short goes “native”.  The corporation then resorts to force and the battle between the bad humans and the good aliens begins.  Basically, this movie is Dances with Wolves in Space.

 The story was good, but it was real short on action until the very end.  For those who are thinking this is going to be some super hyper action flick, you will be disappointed.  This is a good movie that develops its characters and really makes you believe in the people, aliens and the world.  The film moves a little slowly, but it is worth it to me.  The ending was well worth the wait of course, but many people might be turned off by the slower pace and the two and a half our film time.  It took James Cameron four years and some say 500 million dollars to make this film, and I can see why. Unfortunately, although this is a ground breaking film, I don’t think people will be drawn to it in droves like they would for Star Wars or even his film Titanic.  I for one hope they do because I would love to see more films made with this kind of epic scale.  After seeing this I could really visualize the new John Carter of Mars movie they are making, which is based on the novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs, my favorite sci-fi author as a kid.

 Grade: B+


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