Kick Ass Movie Review

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I don’t know anything about Kick Ass, but I heard it is based on a comic book series.  The movie is about a young man who lives in a world where no one has superpowers, but he decides that he is going to become a hero nevertheless, by donning a green scuba outfit, dubbing himself Kick Ass and going out to fight crime. During his first outing to battle the forces of evil, Kick Ass gets his ass kicked, is knifed in the belly and nearly dies.  You see, Kick Ass is just a high school kid with delusions of grandeur, who possesses no fighting skills, powers or money to enhance his crime fighting ways.  Kick Ass spends the majority of the movie getting the crap beat out of him. Fortunately for Kick Ass, a couple of bloody thirsty vigilantes named Big Daddy and Hit Girl save his rear when he is usually on the brink of death.  The interesting thing about Hit Girl is that she is an 11 year old assassin that has been raised since birth to be a killer dedicated to wiping out the head of a mob family.  Her dad is Big Daddy a former cop who dresses like Batman and kills criminals.  Unlike Batman, Big Daddy and Hit Girl have no qualms about using guns, grenades and sharp objects to dispatch their foes.  The movie follows the journey of Kick Ass as he explores his desires to make the world a better place, while being inadequately prepared to do so. The odd relationship that Big Daddy and Hit Girl have is also interesting yet very strange, but it definitely makes the movie more fascinating.  When you see Big Daddy and Hit Girl in action…watch out, Batman and Robin could learn a thing or to!

 This movie is awesome on some many different levels that it would take pages to explain it all.  I will just say that the story telling, realism, the journey of Kick Ass from fantasizing about being a hero to the realities of being a hero, the comedy and the characters was just amazing.  I loved this movie on every level.  I laughed, I cringed, I got misty eyed, I felt proud and I enjoyed.  Kick Ass is a quality movie that is not a parody of superhero movies of the past, but a film that has created its own universe and takes itself very seriously.

 Keep in mind that although Kick Ass is a hero movie, it is very brutal.  Kick Ass receives an R rating for a reason.  There is a lot of cursing and blood, via gun shots, stabbings and straight ass kicking, hence this movie is not for kids although one of the stars is 11 years old. 

 I am not one to use a lot of foul language, but this movie KICKS ASS!!!

 Grade:  A+



  1. Wabbit, a friend Adrienne and I saw the movie. She had a very interesting take: She gave it an F because of the cursing. She gave it an A for the storyline. Adrienne gave it a B for an overall rating.

    I gave the film an A for an overall rating. I did not appreciate the young girl killing villians with a cavalier attitude or her use of foul language. I felt that the movie could have been made without the killing sequences.

    I look forward to the sequel.

    PS, the book is Awesome!!!


  2. That why I love this film. They do the unexpected, and they make push the limits and create characters that push our comfort zone on how heroes should be. The key is that Big Daddy warped his daughter because he himself had gone crazy. She is bascially been brainwashed to be okay with killing.

    This movie exists in the KILL BILL universe in my opinion. I believe the creators decided to show what it would really look like if superheroes really used their powers and weapons. Imagine what the X-Men and Wolverine movies would really look like if they really showed what Wolverine’s claws would do. Imagine if they really showed what someone would look like if Superman really punched them.

    For this movie and its world I accept the extreme graphics. Do I want to see it all the time, no, but it worked for me, and you know I am squeamish with that kind of stuff.


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