Iron Man 2 Movie Review

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Now that the most anticipated movie of the summer has come out, at least in my opinion, I am sad to say that I was under whelmed by this second Iron Man movie.  To me this film lacked the magic and excitement of the first film.  What action there was in this movie occurred towards the end, and all of the money shots were seen on television during commercials.  The acting of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark and the guy who played the corporate villain just seemed a little to over the top and forced this time around.  There were some points in the film that just seemed to drag for me, and I even got up to use the bathroom, which I hate to do in any film.  I may have gone to the bathroom maybe three times in the last 25 years during a movie. That number 25 sure seems old in that context!

 The first Iron Man had me proclaiming it as the second best movie of the year, being barely beaten by Batman: Dark Knight, but this version just make me say “Ehh.”  The movie plays everything by the book, but it just didn’t really grab me this time out.

This film doesn’t hold a candle to KICK ASS.

 Grade: C

 Now the trailers for the A-Team and The Last Air Bender actually look good, but this summer movie fare is looking kind of weak so far.


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  1. This seems to be the opinion of everybody I talk with regarding this flick. That is okay. We have awesome television to watch: “Lost”, “Breaking Bad” and “Glee”.


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