Karate Kid Movie Review

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The new Karate Kid starring Jaden Smith, the son of Will and Jada Smith is not necessarily a remake, but a revision of a theme that is so much more powerful and creative than the original Karate Kid film that starred Ralph Macchio.The premise of the film is the same as the original, which revolves around a young boy who in response to being bullied trains in martial arts to defend himself. However, besides this premise the new Karate Kid charts new and exciting territory as far as storytelling.  This film actually takes place in China, following the story of Dre who has to move to China because his mom’s job has been relocated.  While traveling with Dre, we discover that this movie is more than a kid’s kung fu flick. This film explores Chinese culture, friendship, bullying, parental relationships, loss, love, redemption and oh yea…action packed martial arts action!

 This film moved me emotionally, like no film has in quite some time.  Jaden aka Dre played his emotional parts so well that I yearned to protect him from the bullies as they beat him senseless during his first day in China.  I could feel his loneliness as he tried to fit into a foreign society, which raised my level of respect even further for people who come to our country to live and try to adapt to our ways. Jackie Chan who plays the maintenance man/martial arts master plays the role of a lifetime as far as I am concerned, and he definitely proved to me that he is not just a martial arts comedian.  The caring that he shows for Dre seems genuine and his own personal demons, makes him a strong character in his own right.

 Of course, this is a martial arts film and man oh man, does Dre put the original Karate Kid to shame.  This boy must do martial arts for real because his stuff was legit! Jaden convinced me that he can handle business.  This movie is a must see for kids because it deals with bullying and the fears that kids face, but it also shows how one boy deals with it.

 Kameron loved the film, and he said we must definitely add it to our martial arts collection.

 Grade: A

Kameron: A++

 PS- I saw the Prince of Persia a couple of weeks ago. I am not even going to waste electronic character space with a full review.

 Grade: D-



  1. I watched two ABC critics give it a “Rent It” review however I already knew I disagreed with them. There main complaint was insane. In the original Ralph Machio was actually 20 something when he made that movie (stunted growth or something). Of course he had maturity to act younger due to his advanced age. In the remake, the boy is actually one year younger than he is playing. I love the fact that a ‘kid’ was actually cast for “Karate Kid”. I’m taking Drew on Thursday… Josh is still in DC.


  2. I don’t think I liked it better than the original, but it worked fine for me as pure escapist fun… Drew said it was OKAY but he isn’t the best critic in the world…


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