The A-Team Movie Review

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Ahhh the nostalgic 80s, which brought us a treasure trove of memorable episodic action television shows, such as Magnum PI, Knight Rider, Air Wolf, The Greatest American Hero and of course the A-Team.  I liked all of these shows, but the one thing that bothered me about the A-Team of the 1980s was that these four guys were tough as nails Vietnam vets, but when they carried out their operations, they couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn with their shooting.  I knew government regulations were involved about the level of violence on television, but it still irked me as a young 12 year old.  Despite my misgivings about the A-Team’s lack of marksmanship, I still enjoyed the show and I loved B.A. (Bad Attitude) Barracus, who was played by the unforgettable Mr. T. Mr. T made that show with his unique catch phrases like “I pity the fool”, his Mohawk hairstyle, mean facial expressions and his abundant amount of jewelry.

 When I heard the A-Team was being made into a movie, I laughed and figured it would be a pile of crap.  The way this summer movie season of 2010 has been going I wasn’t expecting much from the A-Team.  I was surprised to learn however, that the A-Team is an entertaining summer movie.  This is a fun movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it delivered the goods for me.  The actors that took on the roles of the famous A-Team personalities did an excellent job of impersonating the style and mannerisms of the original cast.  The story was a little predictable and some of the action scenes were pretty unbelievable, but I had a good time watching the film and I laughed often.  The chemistry of the characters, story and action blended just enough to create a decent film.

 If you are looking for some lighthearted, explosion drenched fun on a Saturday afternoon, then you need to hire the A-TEAM! I PITY THE FOOL WHO DOESN’T ENJOY THIS FILM!




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