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Have you ever heard of a Mind Thriller? If you haven’t, then let me explain.  It is a title that serves a dual purpose here.  First of all, when I say Mind Thriller that represents a movie that makes you think, imagine and pay attention to the details being presented in a film’s storyline.  It is a film that intrigues your intellect so much that you are thinking about possibilities and scenarios during and after the movie.  The second purpose of this Mind Thriller, is that the movie INCEPTION does indeed take place in the mind.  (Minor spoiler alert, but if you have seen the commercials for the film then you know already.)  The film’s star Leonardo Dicaprio who plays Cobb is an Extractor, which is a person who can enter another’s dreams for the purpose of stealing valuable information.  The story follows Cobb as he enters a business person’s mind to secure information, which will allow him to return home to his family.

 Cobb’s journey in the mind of the business person and the events that take place there are what make this movie remarkable.  Although I avoid reading movie reviews until I write my own, I did see a title for one, which said INCEPTION, was James Bond meets the Matrix.  The statement hits this film dead on.  While watching INCEPTION, the original Mission Impossible show kept creeping into my mind as I watched Cobb and his cohorts prepare for their dream penetration job.  It was very Bond like they way Cobb went about his business, and some of the action scenes in the dream world were Matrix like, but very much grounded in a reality that we could understand and justify.  Going into this movie cold with out a real knowledge of what it is about is the best way to go into this film.  All I can say is that my dreams will never be the same after this.  I loved the explanations that the creators of this film developed for events that take place in the dreams, especially the “projections”, which I thought were a totally cool concept.  It leads me to wonder based on the dreams I have, if I am actually visiting other people’s dreams because I am always being chased.  I know you are sitting wondering what the heck I am talking about, but if you see INCEPTION, you will know.  This movie is creative, exciting, action filled, and full of intellectual tidbits that will have people at the water cooler talking.

 Check this film out, but be prepared to use your brain to keep up.

 Grade: A



  1. Although I think this movie is too unique to spoil with any discussion, I want to start by saying that I may have included a few spoilers in my comments to Ron’s review so you have been warned. Ron is totally correct when he discussed the need to bring your brain to the theater. I loved how much this movie relied on thinking. This movie can’t be enjoyed passively (and that is a good thing). I also had no problem with the ‘rules’ of dream invasion. And we all know that time does not flow the same way in a dream as it does in the real world. After one dream I had years ago, I shook my wife awake and told her that I knew all the answers to everything. I think I may have had a dream within a dream within a dream (as depicted in ‘Inception’) so that I spent a few years in some other world. Unfortunately, like most dreams, when I went back to sleep and woke up the next morning, I lost all of those answers. Ironically, my own experience shows why the premise of INCEPTION would be so difficult. Many of us don’t remember our dreams or at least most of our dreams. Inception also shows that many dream traits are the same. For example, we accept crazy stuff in dreams that we typically would dismiss in the real world. We also do end up in the middle of scenarios in dreams without explanation; sometimes discussing things with long dead relatives or celebrities or maybe even Jesus. I also have trouble riding a bike in my dream (I can’t make turns) and I almost never have the ability to run away from adversaries in my nightmares. I can’t read in my dreams and I can never find a bathroom in my dreams! The movie was great at addressing some of this (although I argue it could have gone further).

    So even though I loved this amazing journey, I had two major problems with the movie. First, I think it needed to have some “Toy Story 3” infusion in order to get me interested in the characters. I was not invested in most of the cast members because they weren’t developed enough. My other problem involved the dream villains. I loved the idea of these dream villains, but I was utterly disappointed in how they diminished the action sequences. I was more entranced by “Dawn of the Dead” zombies then these nameless subconscious villains. The Canadian snow shots were totally boring because they lacked emotional substance. What was the point of that lackluster scene if none of the bad guys meant anything?

    I will give the movie kudos for originality, intellectual premise and a few beautifully constructed dream sequences (e.g. I especially loved the hotel zero gravity scene and the walk around Paris). However, I have to knock it down a few pegs for leaving out interesting characters. I really wish somebody other than Leo would have played the main part. His performance was just Leo doing another movie with his same brooding personality…

    Grade: B+


  2. I agree with your grade Jay, and I wavered between a B+ and an A, but the creativity of the film won me over to an A. I will admit that the action scenes were more limited than I would have liked, but the music made those scenes come alive. Unlike you Jay I loved the snow scene and the music that blared in the background. It felt like a Bond film, but the music….I just can’t say how much it filled me with excitement. I downloaded three of the songs for this film, one being the music from the snow scenes. I disagree with you about the dream villains, although I understand your logic completely. To me Nolan did an excellent job of portraying the “projections” as realistically as a dream gets. In my dreams when I am fighting and running, which happens often in my dreams my assailaints are many, but I can never really focus on their faces eventhough they may be right in my face grabbing at me etc. My vision always seems to slide off when I try to focus. I just loved the fact that Nolan recreated this by never really letting us get invested in the faces of the militraized projections, which to me sold the idea that they were in a dream. Would it have been nice to have a main villain that chewed the scenes? Sure, but that is what most movies do. INCEPTION took it in another direction and made it dream like. I kept trying to focus on the faces of the projections, but I couldn’t get a good look at them. I thought this was remarkable. I have been trying to pay even more attention to my dreams, but I haven’t had much success. I always remember bits and pieces, but not when they start. But if you think about it Jay, the projections were the good guys, not the villains! Now I admit I got a little confused with the limbo business, but maybe we can discuss that face to face.


  3. I gave this movie an A+, I really liked everything about it. However I do agree with Jay as far as being invested in some of the characters, Cobbs and Mal obviously I felt invested but everyone else not so much, however you did want the man who hired Cobbs to stay alive so he would be able to get to the US and not be arrested. I absolutely loved the ending! It made me a little upset haha but it was good!


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