SALT Movie Review

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SALT movie review

 SALT is an entertaining action thriller that follows CIA agent Salt (Angelina Jolie) who is on the run from the government after being accused of being a double agent.  There are car chases, heavy weapons fire, and fight scenes galore in this film.  As I was watching the film, I was reminded of No Way Out starring Kevin Costner and Telefon with Charles Bronson.  SALT is a combination of those movies, with large doses of action added in.  Although I loved the premise, and there were plenty of twists to keep you guessing as to Salt’s allegiance I found that the more the movie tried to get clever, the more I was able to predict the outcome.  One scene did catch me of guard, which led to a cool action scene on a barge, but from that point on I was able to foresee what the next set of twists were and I was right. Despite the ease I had in figuring out the final plot line, it was a fun ride getting there.

 Grade: B


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  1. Ron

    I agree with you… I did enjoy this flick though… But if every movie was an “A” then I would go poor paying to see them all… I have to add a “+” to the review because I think that Jolie is HOT (she is even warmer than our summer)… My wife knows I’m delirious from our heat wave, so I won’t be sent packing after she reads this comment… lol

    My Grade: B+


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