Skyline Movie Review

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Skyline is your typical alien invasion movie with a Cloverfield flare, in that it is filmed from the perspective of average people who have no inside connection to the military, scientist or government involved in repelling the alien threat. The thing that sets this film apart from the other alien invasion films is the level of tension I felt throughout the mid portion of the film when the alien invasion actually commences. There were also some cool special effects sequences during the alien invasion, which had me thinking about the Rapture.

The battle sequences and the aliens themselves were fantastic, and kept me excited about the film, but the characters themselves made such poor decisions that it was hard to enjoy the movie at times. The ending of the film will definitely make you raise your eyebrows, and I would love to ask the director what he was thinking when he did it. Skyline isn’t a bad movie, but it isn’t great. Not bad for the $4, 10:30 am matinee.

Grade: C+
Roshawn’s Grade: B-



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