Tron Legacy 3D

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I loved the video game Tron as a kid, and I was fond of the movie, but even then as a 12 year old, I thought the movie had some flaws that set it below the standards that I expected for post Star Wars era sci-fi movies.  When I heard that a new Tron movie was coming out, I was intrigued, but not hyperventilating with excitement.

I was hoping that I would be surprised and that Tron Legacy 3D would turn out to be a good movie, but alas there was no surprise waiting for me.  Instead I was treated to a film that was so full of plot and character holes that I was actually trying to figure out how the writers could have missed so many opportunities to tell a potentially exciting and emotional story in the Grid Universe.  To be honest, I am so under whelmed by the film that I don’t even feel like going into detail about the story. The movie does have some great special effects action scenes, but they are actually few and far between. The 3D was not that good either, as a matter of fact they put out a little disclaimer at the beginning of the film explaining that much of the film was shot in 2D!  Save your $10 and catch it at the $2 movies, DVD or on ON Demand.  It’s definitely worth a matinee, but not a full price night showing.

 Grade: D for Disappointed!  My dad was disappointed as well.

 Kameron (age 11): Grade: A



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