My Spring/Summer Movie Previews for 2011

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I must say for the first time in a couple of years the spring/summer movie slate is full of feature films that have me slathering like a mad dog with a rib bone.  The golden age of sci-fi, superhero actions movies is upon us this day. The titles below feature movies on my must see spring/summer list. (The listings are not in any particular order.)

  1. Battle for Los Angeles– An alien invasion tale set in Los Angeles, which is said to resemble Black Hawk Down.  When I saw the trailer for this film, my jaw just hit the floor.
  2. Thor I was never a fan of Thor in the comics, and I was not mildly interested in the movie version, until I saw the awe inspiring trailer.
  3. Captain America– Another hero that never got my blood boiling, but his movie trailer documenting his battle with the Nazis in World War II, generated some mighty interest.
  4. Transformers: Dark of the MoonI know, I know, many people have not cared anything for the two previous movies in this series, and in fact hated the second one, but I have to admit I have liked them all, even the second one with its admittedly racists stereotypes.  I can’t help it though, I love transforming robots and outrageous battle scenes.  The trailer they showed for the super bowl has me drooling in anticipation.
  5. X-Men: First ClassI knew nothing of this film, until I saw the trailer during the super bowl.  It grabbed my attention, and it seems it should fit in nicely with the X-Men movie franchise.
  6. Green Lantern– This is the first movie trailer I saw this year where I can honestly say I was not pleased with the trailer and its seemingly hokey approach to the Green Lantern.
  7. Sucker PunchThis looks like a wild and crazy film from the guy who created 300. It involves a woman who is sent to an insane asylum, and in her mind she goes on these fantastical adventures, using martial arts, oversize weapons and aircraft, fighting against seemingly World War I German soldiers wearing samurai robot armor. Sounds weird, but that is my kind of flick!
  8. Super 8– When I first saw this mysterious trailer from J.J. Abrams (Lost & the new Star Trek) I got the impression that it was going to be a sequel of some sort to Cloverfield, but the super bowl trailer revealed that it will be much more. A monster film taking place in the 70’s that had music and scenes reminiscent of E.T. We shall see.
  9. Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part II All I can say is bring on the finale to this excellent movie series that was the most successful film series to date that translated so well from book to screen.
  10. Cowboys & Aliens A unique style movie that is a western in the vein of some epic John Wayne film, with aliens playing the role of villains.  I am not sure what the premise is, but it sure looks sweet!
  11. I am Number 4 An interesting trailer following a teen with special powers being pursued by alien killers.  From what I can understand in the trailer, there are 9 teens on the planet being pursued, but they can only be killed in numerical order. Looks good, so I will check it out.

As you can see my spring/summer movie season is jam packed with sci-fi, action films.  Hopefully these movies will pan out and generate the kind of excitement I experienced as a kid with summer movies so long ago.



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