I AM NUMBER 4 movie review

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I AM NUMBER 4 is a teen romance, sci-fi, fugitive movie that draws its inspiration from shows like Smallville and the Twilight films.  The story revolves around a human looking alien teen, named John, who is one of nine people that have survived an extraterrestrial invasion of their home planet. The nine survivors have special powers that manifest when they become teenagers.  The evil aliens that destroyed John’s home world pursued John and the others to Earth to wipe out the remaining survivors and remove the threat that the nine survivors represent if they all manifest their powers and fight together.  For some reason, which I wasn’t able to deduce from the movie, the evil aliens can only kill the nine surviving good aliens in numerical order. The hero John is number 4 and when number 3 is killed he is next on the evil alien hit list.  Along the way he of course meets the high school girl, and blah blah blah blah occurs.  This film has a similar feel and story that is reminiscent of recent movies like Jumper and Push.  Actually, these films are so similar that they could conceivably exist in the same universe.  There are some very cool fight scenes in the last 15 minutes or so, but not enough to save this movie from giving me the doldrums. This movie had tremendous potential, but it falls fall short of blockbuster status. 

 When I left the theater yesterday, I had a B- in mind, but now that I have had time to reflect, my grade has dropped. Grade: C


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