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Unlike I am Number 4, Battle: Los Angeles, my most anticipated movie of the 2011 year does not disappoint!

The story is simple, an alien force has landed in our oceans around 20 major cities, one of which is Los Angeles, and they begin to form a beachhead as their alien military forces move inland decimating the human population. Marines from Camp Pendleton are sent in to save the day and a battle royale ensues! This film is an action packed rock’em sock’em flick that borrows its filming style from Black Hawk Down.  If you liked Black Hawk Down, then you are going to love this film, except this time our marines are fighting some bad aliens who pack some heavy duty projectile weapons instead of Somalis.  The focus of the film is on a platoon of marines who are sent into West Los Angeles to rescue some civilians who are trapped in a police station.  On the way in and on the way out, the marines and the United States military get more than they bargained for when battling the aliens.  Although outnumbered and outgunned, the marine platoon lets the aliens know that they were there.

 Battle: Los Angeles is a no holds bar war film, in the vein of Black Hawk Down, Big Red One, All Quiet on the Western Front and a host of other films.  This movie is told from the perspective of the grunts on the front line.  They have no special knowledge or connection to the big picture whatsoever, which sets it apart from the other popular alien invasion films Independence Day.  Unlike Independence Day, which was played tongue and cheek to some extent, Battle: Los Angeles takes itself very seriously and has very little humor save for a joke here and there. Roshawn pointed out an interesting fact, which I agreed with was that the aliens in this film are beatable and that there is hope.  Some alien invasion films create a nemesis so powerful that there is no hope for victory, which leads to some far fetched solutions see Skyline for as an example. Better yet, wait until Skyline comes on television first! LOL!

This movie is worth the price of admission for matinee or regular viewings, so go check it out! I think my buddy Jay and his sons liked it as well, so I look forward to hearing their views.

 Grade: A- : I originally was going to give it a B+ because there was a lot of shaky cam in the beginning, which I hate, but I figured I shouldn’t make the content of the movie suffer for the film maker’s film shooting decision.

 Roshawn: A

 Kameron: A-



  1. I totally agree with your review Ron. I had two problems with the movie. One was no fault of the movie. Since it was one day after the 8.9 Earthquake that devastated parts of Japan,I guess I just wasn’t in the mood for such mass destruction. I also had issues with the bravado attitude of the small clan of soldiers. They were obviously outnumbered and on the brink of destruction, yet they cheered and smirked and laughed at their ever so small successes (sometimes moments after having lost a friend). Had I not seen the better movie: “District 9”, I probably would have given this the same grade as you!

    My Grade: B
    Josh: B+
    Drew: B+


  2. I agree with both of your points, but in regards to the soldiers celebrating small victories I must point out a couple of things. Although it may seem callous of these soldiers to celebrate after small victory even though they may have lost a friend, I believe that the celebration represents hope. The hope that they have a chance to not only survive this disaster, but ultimately win. Not only that, but also taking pleasure in the fact that the enemy that made them suffer by killing their friends also have to now suffer. Secondly, that is just a reflection of human nature. Just turn on the television and see people in the Mideast celebrating their overthrow of their leaders, although they have left loved ones dead in the streets. Its relief, hope and a measure of satisfaction in hurting your suppressor. Look at football. Teams get blown out, but yet individual players on the losing teams celebrate with a sack or interception. Although it is difficult for us to relate, humans who face traumatic events relieve that stress by laughing and joking.


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