Sucker Punch Movie Review

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For those who want a quick review, Sucker Punch got knocked out in the first round, so don’t spend your hard earned money expecting to see an action special effects sci-fi extravaganza. More than half of the film takes place in an insane asylum with Baby Doll, the heroine trying to escape with other girls. The storyline was interesting initially.  A young 20 year old girl is abused by her stepfather and she accidentally kills her little sister trying to shoot the stepfather.  The stepfather has her sent to an insane asylum, which is actually a front for a brothel/dance club.  The girl then tries to gain the help of other female inmates to escape. If you watched the trailers you think that Baby Doll and her cohorts have a way of fusing their minds together to attempt an escape.  All of the action scenes in the movie you would think from the trailers were figurative depictions of their escape from the insane asylum, which I could live with because they would have meaning.  However, the four major action pieces in the film had nothing to do with the other characters or Baby Doll at all.  Basically, Baby Doll would do this dance (Which we never see by the way), which is so fantastic that people are mesmerized. When Baby Doll dances, she closes her eyes and escapes into a fantasy realm where she fights a crazed dragon, cyborg World War I German soldiers, giant Samurai robots and humanoid androids.  While in the fantasy realm, she imagines what her cohorts are doing in the real world to steal the artifacts they need to escape.  Since the action in her mind has no relation to the actual real escape, the action scenes although creative are soulless and dull because nothing that happens in her mind is real anyway.  It almost seems as if the director and writer of the movie Zach Snyder had four cool action scenes in his mind, but didn’t know how to put them together, so he built this movie Sucker Punch to incorporate the ideas.  Sucker Punch is marketed as an action based, sci-fiesque film, but its not.  Not only that but the four cool scenes in the film use the hated shaky camera so much and the action moves so fast that I could barely enjoy them.  Even Roshawn said the action in the films was too fast. Nothing about this film has created a desire within me to see it again. Usually, there are at least a few scenes that you want to see again, but not in this case.

Save your money and catch it on Netflicks!

Grade: D+

Roshawn: B-

 Kameron: Sold us out at the last minute and stayed home, which is all good because I used his ticket money to buy popcorn! LOL!


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