Hanna Movie Review

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HANNA is definitely not Hanna Montana.  HANNA opens up with the title character Hanna stalking a caribou with a bow and arrow, shooting it and then gutting it.  While gutting her kill, a man comes up from behind and attacks her, which turns out to be her dad.  You see Hanna is living in the artic wilderness, and her father is training her in the arts of killing and always being on guard.  In between her combat training, Hanna’s father Eric gives her lessons in language, history, geography and everything else you can think of that would help her survive in the modern world. From what you can understand in the opening, it appears that Hanna’s father is training her to be a deadly assassin. One day Hanna tells her father that the solitary life that they are living is not enough and they need more.  Hanna’s father digs up a transponder and tells her that if she flips the switch, she will go back to the world, but that her life will be in constant danger unless she kills a CIA agent named Weigler. Eventually Hanna decides to flip the switch, her dad runs away, and CIA paramilitary operatives storm the house and take her into custody.  Thus begins a game of cat and mouse as Agent Weigler tries to capture Hanna, while Hanna uses all manner of martial arts and weapons skills to avoid capture. All the while, we are wondering what makes Hanna so important to Weigler, which is the mystery angle of the film.  Not only is this is “an action film”, but it is more of a journey of a young girl who is coming into adulthood in a world she knows nothing about.  Through her eyes, the film makers show us the discoveries and wonders of people, language, culture and music.  With a family she meets along the way Hanna gets to explore life in the world, which is overwhelming at times due to her solitary upbringing.  Despite the creative twist on an action story that reminded me of SALT, FIRESTARTER, X-FILES, BOURNE and other government conspiracy style movies, once I sat back and thought about the film, there were some glaring flaws, but not enough to ruin the movie.

This movie came in under the radar, but it provides some solid entertainment.

Grade: B



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