Thor Movie Review

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For those of you who do not know, in the Marvel Comic Book Universe, Thor is a member of the superhero team called the Avengers.  Thor is the Norse god of Thunder who wields a giant hammer named Mjolner that has the power to give him flight, enormous strength and the power to call on the of thunder and lighting.  If the hammer ever leaves Thor’s hand, it will always return.  In the movie, Thor is an Asgardian prince who on the eve of his crowing as the new king of Asgard has his ceremony interrupted by a trio of Frost Giants who attempt to steal back an ancient weapon that belonged to their race. After the theft is thwarted, Thor prepares to invade the Frost Giant home world to gain revenge, but his father King Odin orders him not to.  Thor disobeys his father and invades the Frost Giant home world anyway.  The end result is that Thor is deemed unworthy to be the king of Asgard and he is stripped of the hammer Mjolner and banned to planet Earth.  The only way for Thor to redeem himself is for him to change his selfish ways, which will allow him to become worthy to wield the powerful hammer Mjolner and return home.  While these events are occurring, Thor’s brother Loki is also going through sibling rivalry and feelings of inadequacy which lead to dire affairs in the realm of Asgard.

Thor is a solid by the numbers superhero origin story that provides fun, otherworld adventure and excitement, but it doesn’t quite obtain the elite status of the last two Batman movies or the first Ironman.  However, the producers of this film have taken a character that I was not generally fond of and turned him into a hero that I look forward to seeing again.  You won’t be disappointed if you plop down money to see this film in the matinee or evening.  Now I saw it in 2D and I was satisfied, and I don’t believe I missed much by not seeing it in 3D.  I wished there were more action scenes than were shown, but it was enough to hook me and reel me in.  I can’t wait until the Avenger movie comes out that will have Thor, Ironman, Hulk, CaptainAmericaand Hawkeye (Who made a brief cameo in Thor).  Marvel has done a great job of setting up the Avenger movie with this slew of films.

Grade: B+


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