Transformers: Darkside of the Moon 3D Movie Review

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If you enjoyed the rock’em, sock’em action of the first two
Transformers films, then you will be thrilled with the third and allegedly
final chapter of the Transformers movie series.
Unlike the 2nd film, which was widely panned by the critics,
this movie has a stronger story line and is more intriguing than the previous
two films put together.  There is
actually a little mystery in this film, which adds a nice touch to this summer
popcorn film.  Why did we go to the moon
in 1969? Well, there is a reason for it and it’s pretty cool.  There is a sweet looking invasion of Chicago,
awesome tactical and strategic cooperation between the Autobots and the U.S.
Military and robot on robot mayhem.  This
is by far the best of the three Transformers films.

Are there flaws in the movie? Heck yea, but not as in your
face as in Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen.  For some reason, a few scenes were cut and
the story and pacing were affected somewhat.
For example, during one scene, Bumblebee the heroic Autobot transformer
saves the star character Sam from a fall that would have lead to his death. In
the next scene, Bumblebee is a prisoner of the Decepticons. How did that
happen?  There was no transition to that particular scene.  There were entire
scenes like that happening throughout the entire film.  As a matter of fact, in one scene a character
was in the middle of talking and they switched from his scene to another.  It was a very jarring cut and took me out of
the movie for a minute.  Although the movie was good, it would have been much better if the rest of the scenes
wouldn’t have been cut out.  While discussing this with Roshawn, he mentioned that the movie was almost three
hours long, so they had to make cut somewhere. I agree, but I think they could
have done a better job.  There is also the continued weak human angle with eccentric characters that are over acting
just to get laughs, which I thought was completely unnecessary, however, it was toned down much more than in the last movie.
I guess they have to distinguish themselves from much more serious fare like Battle: Los Angeles.

Although people seem to hate Michael Bay and his movies, I have to admitthat he brings me the action and summer popcorn fare that I crave. I am not ashamed to admit I liked Bad Boys I&II, The Rock & Armageddon. I definitely see my movie dollars on the screen with his movies.  I even splurged and popped down the extra money for the 3D and I wasn’t disappointed. Could you live without the 3D? Yes, you can, but for a Transformers movie that is crammed with childhood action figures come to life, money wasn’t an object!

Grade: B+

Roshawn- Best Transformers movie yet!

Kameron- That was good!


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