Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows 2 Movie Review

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Well folks it’s all done. The Harry Potter films have come
to an epic conclusion and boy was it worth the wait.  The final showdown between Harry Potter and
Lord Voldermort finally arrived with action, mystery and surprisingly a heavy
dose of emotion at least in my case.  The
film begins pretty much where the last one left of, at least from what I can
remember.  Harry Potter and friends are
still reeling from the death of Dumbledore and they are organizing and preparing
to continue their search for Voldermort’s Horcruxes, where he stores pieces of
his soul.  The movie started just a
little too slow for my taste, but after about 20 minutes the film was moving
right along at a good pace.

This film should have been called the War of Hogwarts
because a good portion of the film takes place in Hogwarts where Potter and
friends duel it out with Voldemort and his lackeys.  The film is fun and full of familiar faces
from throughout the Potter movies, and there is still some mystery, which when
unraveled lets you eventually realize that a few characters were not
necessarily who you thought they were.  This
film is by far the darkest of all the Potter films and many heroes, friends and
foes pay the ultimate price for their participation in this magical
conflict.   As I said earlier, there are
some touching scenes sprinkled throughout the movie, one of which touched me
emotionally as we learned the secrets of this character.  Fans of the novels and films will be pleased
with this grand conclusion, which is evident by the fact that my11:40 viewing was packed.

This film series was a great ride and it was almost magical
in the way it was able to capture the characters and stories of the Harry
Potter books and turn them into filming masterpieces.  It was fun to watch our heroes and heroines
grow before us from children into adults and see how they absorbed the aura of
their characters and make them come alive.
Harry Potter is now a legend, in print, film and the checkbooks of film

Well done Harry Potter, your peace, rest and happiness are
well deserved.

Grade: A-




  1. Magical, emotional and rewarding.. I only wish there was more physical connection in the final Harry and Voldemort showdown. They needed to have a bloody, violent, skin ripping brawl. The movie is like an allegory for our society in that we believe we can combat our villains without actually interacting with them (in this case through CGI effects). This is a weakness in the film and a weakness in our society. Nevertheless, this movie was powerful!

    My Grade: A-


  2. HMMMM….very interesting point as I sit here and analyze our conflicts we are currently involved in. I would say you are correct in your statements. I agree with you completely about the last battle. Harry Potter didn’t defeat Voldermort, the wand did. LOL.


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