Cowboys & Aliens Movie Review

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“You got chocolate in my peanut butter!” This was the famous
phrase heard around the world as the rallying cry for Reeses peanut butter
cups. In another vein, mixing Cowboys and Aliens, who would think something
like this could work, but not only does it work, it tastes great! Take your old
gritty Clint Eastwood, John Wayne western and combine it with an alien
abduction movie and Battle Los Angeles, and you have one heck of a movie
premise. The movie begins with a cowboy (Daniel Craig, the latest James Bond)
who wakes up in the middle of a desert with no shoes, or memory of who he
is.  He also has a strange metal bracelet
strapped to his forearm. After dealing brutally with a team of father and sons
bounty hunters, the unknown cowboy makes his way into the nearest town to try
and figure out who he is.  After an
encounter with the sheriff, he realizes he is a big time outlaw with a bounty
on his head.  Along the way he makes
enemies with a local bully whose father (Harrison Ford) is a big time cattle
rancher.  When the “Colonel” hears that
the outlaw Jake (Daniel Craig) has been captured, he rides into town to get
revenge.  Why? We learn that Jake had
stolen his gold.  When the two get ready
to have their showdown, strange flying machines appear in the air and begin
abducting the townspeople. Jake discovers that his bracelet is some form of
energy weapon and he shoots down one of the flying machines.  Jake and the Colonel set aside their
differences, so they can embark on a quest to unravel the mystery of the flying
machines and save the townspeople. From there the movie just takes off!

This movie is so good on so many levels to me.  Harrison Ford’s character initially seemed as
if he was going to be a typical villain, but there was an added dimension to
his character, which made him come alive on screen.  His love for his son, regrets and demons from
his past make him a very human and likeable character in my opinion.  Daniel Craig also played his role well, and I
would put him up against the “Man with No Name” any day, although Clint
Eastwood’s character would still take him.
Oh yea, although there was great character development, this was a
straight up action movie with revolvers, shotguns, arrows and energy weapons
blazing away!

I loved the blending of these two genres!  This movie takes itself very seriously and is
down right brutal at times.  Star Wars
and Independence Day this ain’t!  The
creators of the film pushed the PG13 rating for this film.  If your child is under twelve, I would hesitate
to take them.  You won’t see any cartoon
violence here.  This is a straight up old
school shoot’em up!

Grade: A

Kameron: A+


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