Rise of the Planet of the Apes Movie Review

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Rise of the Planet of the Apes is a prequel to the historic
Planet of the Apes films and shows that graced the screens of theaters and
televisions in the 60s and 70s.  The
movie basically gives us the background on how the “Apes” gain their
intelligence and speaking ability, which eventually leads to their conquest and
enslavement of mankind.  For fans of the “Apes”
and newcomers, this movie will be a great introduction to the Planet of the
Apes franchise.  Rise of the Planet of
the Apes follows a young chimpanzee named “Caesar”, whose mother was exposed to
an experimental drug, which was passed down to him genetically giving him an
enhanced mental capacity that rivals and even exceeds human intelligence.  As Caesar grows under the care of his adopted
human father, actor James Franco, his experiences and intelligence makes him
question his life as a pseudo pet.
Amazingly, this is all done without Caesar speaking, but just displaying
emotion and mannerisms, which convey his thoughts and feelings to the
viewers.  What is also stunning is the
fact that Caesar is 100% computer generated.
Whoever, animated Caesar did an outstanding job of creating a realistic
chimpanzee. As I watched the film, Caesar’s plight brought back memories of
“Roots” and the depression and hopelessness that Kunta Kinta initially
experienced when being held in captivity.
When Caesar and his “Apes” make their escape from imprisonment, I was
pushing for them to make it even though I knew in the end it would not be
beneficial for mankind.  Caesar teaching
his “Apes” and preparing them to escape reminded me of the rebellion on Kunta’s
slave ship and the movie Amistad.

Although Rise of the Planet of the Apes has a
straightforward story that has very little secrets if you saw the trailer, this
is an exciting movie that should entertain the masses.  This is of course plenty of action later on
in the movie, but the first half is actually very touching and I ended up
feeling very sorry for Caesar.

The creators of this movie did a great job of blending this
story into the mythos of the previous films and television shows.  There were also a number of “Easter Eggs” in
the film that will give true Ape fans a chuckle.  Although I am a fan of the show, the modern
day audience won’t accept that a group of escaped “Apes” could take over the
world when we have machine guns, jets and bombs, and I was thinking the same
thing.  However, they created a simple
solution to the problem, which will give the “Apes” an easier time accomplishing
this task.  I hope this movie is
successful because I can already see the arc of the movies. Movie one: Escape,
Movie two: Survival: and Movie three: Conquest!

Grade: A-



  1. The technology and performances that bring the apes to life make the film a must-see for any modern movie fan, but it’s the emotion and humanity of Caesar’s story that makes the film a must-see for any movie fan at all. Good Review! Check out mine when you can!


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