Courageous Movie Review

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I am sure many of you may not have heard of the movie called
Courageous, and based on the attendance at the viewing my family and I
attended, I don’t think too many people have heard of it, and what a shame that
is.  Courageous is a powerful Christian film about 4 police
officers and a working man, who struggle with life, tragedy and family while
trying to keep God in their lives.  Many  of you right now are probably going “ugghhhh a Christian themed movie”.  I too had similar thoughts of a film that was going to be slow, plodding and boring. This movie is filled with action,
morals, sadness and tools for being not only a role model, but a good father.

While my mom and dad visited, they saw the film and insisted
I take my family to see it at the first opportunity.  My mom wanted us to see it so bad, that
before she left she gave me $50 and said I will pay for you all to see it.  Well today, I took my family to see the movie,
with them kicking and screaming all the way to the theater. I too had some
reservations because I thought it would be sappy and have poor production
values.  Boy am I glad my mom insisted on
seeing this film!  This movie was fantastic! Not only was this a well made film, but the actors
who were all no names to me played great roles.  The film goes very easy on the Christian
themes in the beginning, but once you are hooked, the characters true natures
are revealed and they give their messages without taking away from the story.
Everything blends so well, that if you were not pre-warned, you wouldn’t know
this was a Christian movie.  The story was moving and had me laughing at times and admittedly fighting back tears at
others.  Rahesha, Roshawn and Kameron also liked the film.  Roshawn and Kameron
who were both opposed to seeing the film initially,  grudgingly gave the film an
A.  Rahesha also gave the film an A.
  This is a must see film for families,
children, fathers, mothers, women and men. This film will let you see the trials and tribulations that people face
and show you (not tell you) how to face them.  This film was refreshing and is a must see. I am not just promoting this
film as a Christian, but as a movie buff. This is film is a classic!

Take your families to see this film BEFORE THEY TAKE IT OUT



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