The Immortals Movie Review

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The IMMORTALS is an epic with threads of Greek mythology
that provides a rousing story of action, violence and mayhem between man and
the Greek gods.  This tale follows the
life of a bastard peasant named Theseus, who is trying to protect his mother
from the Mad King Hyperion and his evil army, which is laying waste to the
Greek mainland in search of the legendary Epirus
bow, so he can release the Titans.
Theseus although a peasant has been trained by an old mentor to be a
warrior of unmatched skill, but his skills don’t allow him to save his mother
from being slain by Hyperion’s minions.
During Theseus’s journey to secure the Epirus
bow before Hyperion, he interacts with the Greek gods, and at times they
intervene to defend him although with unfortunate results for one of the
gods.  Ultimately there is a battle
between Theseus and Hyperion, and the Greek gods and the Titans and the earth
shakes and trembles with the victors having sole power and control of the
planet and mankind.

This movie shares much of its ideas from Conan, 300 and
Clash of the Titans. If you liked any of those movies, then you will definitely
enjoy this film.  The IMMORTALS ratchets
up the battles and violence to a level that hasn’t been seen since 300, and it
is truly enjoyable.  The filming of the
action sequences were sleek, cool and filled with slow motion.  The final battle between Theseus and Hyperion
and the Greek gods and the Titans was one of the most brutal, but memorable
combat scenes I have ever witnessed in sword and sandal films.  There were some weakness in story and pacing
in the movie, but not enough to ruin it for me.
I also had a problem with Zeus who killed one of his own godly sons for
breaking his rules about defending humans, even when the son did it to protect
Zeus’s hero Theseus.  Zeus seemed a
little too extreme in that case, maybe banishment, or cleaning outhouses, but
death?  You could tell he regretted it
later, especially when they were battling the Titans.  Either way, the movie worked for me.

Grade: B


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